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10 Tough Questions to Ask in Getting the Best RV Park Reservations

  • March 24, 2022
  • 5 min read
10 Tough Questions to Ask in Getting the Best RV Park Reservations

Getting the best RV park reservations is one of the top concerns of RV fanatics these days. This is for that fact that going on an RV means going camping. So, you must prepare not just the vehicle and other things you need for the trip but even your parking preferences too.

However, before you ask some questions, consider the main points that need to be addressed in RV park reservations. These are understanding the way RV parks work, the campground rates, the best RV campgrounds, and the luxury RV campgrounds. 

Here are the tough questions to ask for getting the best RV park reservation based on your aesthetic preferences and needs.

Understanding the Way RV Parks Work

You can find RV campgrounds across the USA. If you’re new to this, start your search online with the keywords, “RV campgrounds near me” and you can find these campgrounds for possible considerations.

Question#1. What is your standard site offer and how much will it cost me?

Campgrounds rates are usually advertised on a daily basis. However, these rates vary on the services and features they cover. You need to inquire if a certain rate will include Wi-Fi or cable connection, electrical and sewer hook-ups. If you have amps, hook-ups or even 50, which ones fit your rig, as these depend on the type and size?

Question #2. Does the campground have back-in or pull-thru sites?

This question depends on the type of rig you drive. Everybody wants parking convenience. So, if you are in a trailer or large RV, a pull-thru site is more preferable than a back-in site. This is for the fact that it’s simpler to get your rig into it. 

Question #3. Can your campground accommodate large-sized RVs or trailers?

This question is crucial as not all campgrounds can accommodate large-sized RVs. If you drive a diesel pusher that’s 45-foot and contain slide-outs, older campgrounds may not accommodate it. So, make sure to ask this question while searching for RV parking reservations. 

Question #4: Are pets allowed in your campground?

Going on RV trips with pets can be exciting. Yet, in searching for the best campgrounds and RV parking reservations, always make sure that the campground you choose allows pets during your stay. Sneaking your pets into a park where they are not allowed may ruin your vacation. You may end up with nowhere to stay. 

Considering RV Campground Rates

As previously mentioned, campground rates are usually advertised on a daily basis. Knowing the features that these campground rates offer will help you decide which best fits your RV trip needs.

Question #5: Are there fees I need to expect aside from the daily rate?

You have to know that RV campground daily rates may have extra fees or hidden charges. The daily advertised rates are not all-in rates that you can fully rely on. You must be aware of such add-ons like additional fees at the park that allows pets. 

Other parks charge additional bucks per child you bring along with you. Make sure to ask this so you know you are on the right track with your budget while enjoying your RV trip. However, if you feel like this is too much for you, there are cheap and even free state parks for RV parking. Boondocking is another option, too.

Question #6. Is there a limit for staying or extension options in RV campgrounds?

Different campgrounds have varying terms and conditions for RV campground parking. As rates are advertised on a daily basis, RV folks may choose to stay for the weekend or even for a single weekday. 

However, you may be interested in RV campgrounds offering long-term parking. You should ask of this feature is present in every campground you inquire so you know what to expect before making reservations.

Best RV Campgrounds

In looking for the best RV campgrounds, consider this single question you need to ask from each provider. 

Question #7. Will I get shady spots for RV parking or will my rig be exposed in the sun?

RVing will surely keep you exposed in the sun. Yet, it is your choice whether you want to be out in the open with the beamy sunlight or you want some shade. Parking under the tree provides your rig some shade. The downside here is that you can get bird droppings and that sticky sap messing on your RV. 

This is a matter of personal choice that you need to consider before reserving or booking for RV parking.

Question #8. Is it near highway traffic?

Having a good night sleep while on your RV trip is what everyone wants to have. Make sure choose the campground or parking space that is far enough from the highway traffic and other noise sources.

Luxury Campgrounds

You want to explore and enjoy areas near your campground. For this reason, luxury campgrounds exist to give you the full share of enjoyment and relaxation you need while making the most of your RV trip. So, be sure to ask these last two questions.

Question #9. What are your campground amenities and what time are these available?

Luxury campgrounds may offer such amenities as the swimming pool and gaming facilities. Check what amenities suits you best. Make sure to inquire about them before doing any RV park reservation.

Question #10. Do organized activities exist for the whole family and other groups?

Luxury campgrounds usually hold a wide range of organized events. This could vary from game nights to ice cream socials. Be sure to ask about the various organized events and their respective schedule before reservation so you can plan ahead for a more memorable RV trip for great keeps.

With these 10 tough questions, you surely will not waste any time and dime in getting the most of your RV adventure even in the future. TOW-MAX is a trusted RV and trailer parts manufacturer, use our RV trailer parts, have a safety and wonderful RV life.

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