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5 Most Common Causes of Commercial Fires

  • October 13, 2022
  • 4 min read
5 Most Common Causes of Commercial Fires

Commercial fires are dangerous and costly occurrences that can cause accidents, injury, or death. One should take proper precautions and preventative measures to avoid this fire hazard. Most commercial fires originate from improper use of stoves and other cooking equipment; therefore, it is crucial to be familiar with the five most common causes of commercial fires to prevent this hazard from happening at your business.

Here are the 5 Most Common Causes of Commercial Fires:

1) Improper Cooking Equipment

Proper equipment maintenance can prevent grease build-up and other fire hazards. Using outdated or damaged cooking equipment puts people in danger of having a fatal accident when burning food on the stovetop or misusing the oven. This is why it is important to have gas appliances and stoves regularly inspected by a qualified technician to prevent dangerous accidents. It is also essential to stay on top of your equipment’s inspections so that you or your employees do not use the equipment unsafely.

4) Intentionally Set Fires

When a person has an issue with another employee or customer, they may decide to set fire to their property as revenge. An intentional fire can start in any part of your business facility and spread quickly, so it is essential to take precautions against this fire hazard. The best way to prevent an intentional fire from starting is to install adequate smoke sensors and fire alarms throughout your facility. By installing fire alarms around your business, you can be sure that these devices will go off if someone begins a fire somewhere in your business building. The most common areas for fires to start inside of a business facility are in the kitchen or bathroom, so these rooms must have fire doors that have the highest amount of fire detection devices so that any potential fires will be detected quickly and an employee will be able to extinguish the flames before they cause too much damage.

6) Lack of Proper Ventilation

All businesses that want to be considered safe and environment-friendly should spend resources on providing adequate ventilation for their employees. While proper ventilation is not a requirement for the safety of people in the kitchen, it is recommended by OSHA for preventing fires. Improper ventilation can cause smoke to accumulate because of an employee over exposure from cooking or using materials in the kitchen, which can then cause a fire hazard. Ventilation is also essential to be visible to all employees, as this will help them stay safe in the kitchen.

4) Hassle Fires

A hassle fire is one in which the flame is larger than the original fire. These fires often occur when employees use candles or other open-flame lighting as decoration. To prevent these potential fires, it is essential to ensure that your employees do not use candles in any room that has been shut off from the rest of the business building. An excellent way to prevent a hassle fire from starting is to ensure that all of your open flames, including candles and another decorative lighting, are supervised at all times. In addition to preventing hassle fires, businesses should also ensure that their employees are educated about safely handling all open flames on their premises.

5) Improper Electrical Socket Use

Many commercial buildings use LED lighting, which is more energy efficient than other lightbulb types. However, this efficiency often comes at a price, as LED lights are prone to overheating and damaging nearby objects or causing fires. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that each socket is grounded to avoid electrical problems and dangerous fires from occurring. Many fire hazards from electrical sockets originate from damaged wiring. This damage can either be due to faulty electrical sockets or general wear and tear on the wiring. When the wiring is damaged, it can cause an Undervoltage or even an overvoltage. This can cause excess heat and shock, which can cause a fire to start. A reputable electrician should also install electrical sockets to prevent electrocution accidents from occurring on your business premises.

Businesses need to be aware of these five most common causes of commercial fires because they can cause serious accidents, injury, or death if left unattended. By implementing and following these safety precautions, businesses can prevent passive fire protection and save their business from damage and losses.

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