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5 Ways To Make Baseball Part of Your Life

  • March 3, 2023
  • 4 min read
5 Ways To Make Baseball Part of Your Life

Baseball has often been called America’s pastime (seriously, it isn’t binge-watching Netflix). However, many Americans struggle to find time to include the game in their lives for various reasons. If you find yourself among this group of people, try these five ways to embrace the sport and make it part of your everyday life. 

1. Play Backyard Catch

Whoever said baseball has to be played formally to be enjoyed obviously missed the point. A backyard game of catch or batting practice is an excellent way to improve skills and just have some fun with friends. Moreover, it is also a great way to introduce kids to the game in a fun, informal way. 

Before you get started, invest in quality supplies that will last. A couple of gloves, balls and a few wood baseball bats should be sufficient. You can always add extras, such as bases or a batting tee, later. 

2. Buy Tickets to a Minor League Game

Attending a major league game is a great experience, but it is not something most people do all the time. Ticket prices and the cost of concessions often limit it to a once-a-season event. However, minor league teams are often a different story. 

Check to see if there is a minor league affiliate in your area. Many of them play in newer, comfortable stadiums with excellent seating at every price point. Plus, ticket prices are often incredibly affordable. You might find that you can get a mini-season package for the same price as one major league game. 

If that is still out of reach, look into collegiate summer leagues. These are excellent places for players to develop skills and they are often very low-key. Some venues even allow you to bring outside food and drinks, which lowers costs. 

3. Support Your Local High School Team

If there are no semi-pro teams nearby, consider supporting your local high school team by attending home games. This is a super-affordable way to watch live baseball being played by youth who really love the game. 

Most schools post information about tickets on their websites or social media pages. If you don’t see anything there, ask a student-athlete or parent if they know the details. When you go, bring a stadium seat for comfort and plan to visit the concession stand, which is often run by a student group trying to raise money. 

4. Join a Recreational League

If you want to play ball but don’t know where to start, check for recreational leagues in your area. These fun leagues offer some amazing benefits, such as increased fitness and social connections. They are also a great way for those not interested in competition to get involved in sports. Yes, you’ll keep score, and there will be winners and losers, but that is usually not the focus of a rec league. 

You still have options if you can’t find an established team to join. Some companies sponsor teams, so you might want to ask around at work to gauge interest in getting one started. Churches are another popular place for team development. 

5. Watch the Games With Friends

You can love baseball and not play it. In fact, you don’t need to have any athletic skills whatsoever to enjoy a game. If you would rather spend an afternoon hanging out with friends, plan to catch a game together on TV. 

This can be done at home or at a sports bar, depending on your personal preference. Keeping it at home allows for more privacy, a definite chance to watch your preferred game and a much lower bill. However, you will miss out on the party atmosphere that can be found at some sports bars. 

Whether you enjoy playing baseball or prefer to watch it, there are ample opportunities to make it a part of your life. Looking for local games, playing catch outside, or hosting a viewing party at home with friends are just a few ideas to get you started.

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