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6 supreme German watch brands for entrepreneurs to collect in 2021

  • August 21, 2021
  • 6 min read
6 supreme German watch brands for entrepreneurs to collect in 2021

Germany is located in the centre of the continent and has 16 states and is called one of the largest economies in the world. With an interesting heritage recorded by architects, forts and ancient and living monuments themselves, as well as stunning landscapes and forests, food and beer, Germany remains one of the best holiday destinations in the world.

When most of them think of Germany, they think of Hitler, beer and the Berlin Wall first, but that is not all that is important. Visitors who have visited Germany know not only that the country is a financially and culturally strong country, but that it and its citizens have an excellent heritage. Moreover, a large number of luxury watch brands cannot manufacture Swiss watches without money. Here are some of the most popular and best German watch brands that you as an entrepreneur can now enjoy.

Glashütte Original

If German crafts had another name, Glashütte Original could very well have been. Although the brand was founded primarily after the reunification of the country, its origins go back to the 19th century: alongside the heritage, there are luxury goods like the Senator and diving watches like the SeaQ Panorama Date. This brand surpasses the largest in Germany, if not the whole world, thanks to its internal movements and a great selection of first-class arrangements.

Glashütte is the city in Germany where the watch factory is located. It is pronounced las. hʏtə. If the umlaut ü does not apply, it would be Glashütte according to a German spelling conference, but it is often seen as Glashütte all over the world.

A. Lange

As one of the oldest clocks in Germany and in the world, A. Lange & Söhne founded 173 years ago in Glashütte by Ferdinand Adolph Lange. Lange has set his small business apart by producing some of the highest quality watches today with the help of his sons Richard and Emil. When soldiers returned from the battlefields after World War I with a wristwatch tucked around their wrists rather than in their pockets, A Lange & Söhne also changed. Prior to the outbreak of World War II, the family business produced aviator watches for the German Air Force.

The brand went bankrupt shortly after starting production of these oversized flight watches. The new Soviet government divided Germany and nationalist companies like A. Lange & Söhne. At the time of the reunification of the country, the company began to try to make watches. More than 20 years after Walter Lange relaunched the family business, it is one of the largest luxury watch brands in the world today.

Archimedes Watches

Despite being less than two decades old, Archimede watches require a much wider lining than their 15 years in business. Provided they are led by Ickler, a 90-year-old watchmaker from Pforzheim, Germany, Archimede works as an outdated-minded youth brand.

Not only do you believe this link is credible, but it’s hard to deny the quality of the brand. They produce cheap attractive watches that work with high quality Swiss automatic, wrist and chronograph movements. Overall, Archimedes bills itself as a junior watch for those who want to leave the world of expensive mechanical watches unattended.


Watches are about precision. The slower a manufacturer’s watch is manufactured and installed, the less useful the device will be. This focus on finesse brought many future entrepreneurs out of the watch world, but it was part of the appeal to Konrad Damascus.

His career started in Damascus as a toolmaker for high demand customers in the aerospace industry before launching his company in the watch industry. Same name as the watch company from the southeast that uses the same work scheduling methods to produce watches and innovation in watches. For example, the company has a patent on a particular type of polysilicon that has been shown to be used in critical elements. They also make them stand out in the watch market by producing the extremely nitrogen-rich, rigid and nickel-free case with a robust HRC rating of 64. This was a great innovation thanks to the Sinn case (another German watch brand on this list) working with their source Damascus to see and review diving situations. Damascus now mainly produces pilot watches, including the DC56, the Eurofighter-authorized watch and pilot crews.


While East German watch brands lived in extreme poverty during a Fainic Keep from the 1950s and 1960s, brands in the West, Junghans, turned away the fanatical departure to make the most of the post-war era. Although zinc * did not exist right after the 1860s, formed by Erhard Jungiens and his brother-in-law, the manufacture of wristwatches began in the mid-1920s, it was not until the brand decided to collaborate with Bauhaus designer Max Bill in 1956. in their own different, fresher and more exciting style. He gave Junghan’s Bill wall clocks and utility wristwatches attractive makeovers. They are still among the most prominent examples of the brand.

Mont Blanc

While Mont-Blanc SA is perhaps best known for its high-quality pens, the company produces a range of luxury watches. They are apparently a German company with over a century of heritage in the CONTINENT, but I do not make their watches there. Instead, the brand relies on Swiss expertise to generate its own watches. They only started making watches in Le Locle, Switzerland in 1997 and have spawned internal watches in the last decade. However, there are benefits to being small and practical. Mont Blanc DG PRODUCING recently launched high-end smartwatches.

In a word

Earlier on Halloween night, DG Germany made world-class time ships, almost filling this segment of the luxury watch market. German watches are not so well known by their Swiss counterparts and deserve serious attention. Instead of being influenced by geology and climatology, the German fainics motivated watchmakers through different geography and ideology. The industries that UH suffocated by the government’s authoritarian system came to life after the betrayal of the Iron Curtain, like a fire that has received more oxygen. Today, Germany is home to some of the best luxury watches in the world.

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