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  • September 16, 2021
  • 6 min read

The packaging and boxing industry is emerging as one of the largest industries in the year 2021. With millions of new products being introduced in the market every day around the globe, the demand for packaging and boxing companies has been increasing at a very fast rate. This has resulted in the formation of millions of boxing companies worldwide and the invention of various new, user-friendly and attractive boxes. Consequently, the industry has become the most competitive not only in the physical world but also on the world wide web. Businesses are utilizing various digital platforms to widen the availability and scope of their services around the world. 

Many such companies are working with their teams of creatives and manufacturers to introduce new types of boxes and new techniques of customizations, opening doors for new opportunities and innovations in the boxing industry. When we talk about unique, easy-to-use boxes with a diverse range of uses, it is impossible to overlook gable boxes. These boxes are without doubt the most user-friendly and one of the most creative packaging boxes with unique customizations found anywhere in the market.


A gable box is known for its unique shape and attractive looks along with elements that make it easy to use on the go. These boxes are commonly manufactured using a one-piece kraft or boxboard that has a rectangular base with a top that looks like a canopy. The top of the box is shaped as such to make it a handle when assembled, this makes it very easy for the user, and the box is technically built to fold in such a way that it can be closed and locked in position and opened for use. These boxes are a prime example of easy assembling boxing products. 

A vital part of the manufacturing of these boxes includes the measurements and scoring of these boxing on which the shape and size of the boxes depend. The length, width, and heigh of the usable rectangular part of the box are considered for the measurements. These boxes are shipped flat for efficient storage and require minimal assembly.


Gable boxes have been proven very useful and highly demanded by the boxing industry. The majority of the orders come in from the food industry, from bakery shops to other food companies that mostly offer take away and where food is eaten on the go. Such boxes are the perfect balance that provides safety and retains food’s freshness along with the ease for the user to carry the box around. They can also be used for storage and as gift packaging. 

Customization Tips and Techniques: 

The unique shape of the box and its handle element is not enough to make it stand out for the client’s product in such vast and competitive markets. This calls for custom gable boxes, a service that enables clients to customize their boxes in any way the company can deem possible. In short, customized, colorful, attractive and boxes with some unique characteristics can help them stand out amongst the audience which results in increasing the business’s yield revenue. Following are some of the ideas we suggest to make your gable boxes more unique and attractive. 


A raw packaging box always results in a dull and poor image of the box, but that can be changed with a team of creative graphic designers provided at the client’s disposal. These designers can collaborate with the client and create new and unique designs that can convey the idea of the product and at the same time make the gable box very attractive and unique to the client. This leaves a lasting first impression of the product and results in an eye-catching appearance of the packaging attracting the customers, ultimately forcing them to buy the product. Moreover, custom shapes and sizes of the box might require some technical expertise but this can go a long way in impressing the customer as well as the client as these services are not as widely available in the packaging industry.


A fancy attractive design is not where the journey ends. To ensure the hard work on the design pays off, high-quality printing is of the utmost importance and critical to a great first impression. Inferior printing is the one thing that instantly destroys the box’s impression and makes it seem low-quality and degrades the product inside.

This can also greatly be improved by the use of finishing lamination. Options like matt lamination, gloss lamination, gloss or matt UV finishes and even foiling, etc. can be used to give the box a premium and unique feel.


When it comes to materiality many packaging and boxing companies are now moving towards environment-friendly materials. Biodegradable and eco-friendly materials such as eco-friendly kraft and boxboards can be used for the manufacturing of the boxes. Moreover, the majority of the boxes are manufactured in these materials and this has become common. Introducing a variety of materials can help the box stand out such as the recent introduction of the clear gable boxes.


Increasing the durability of the box, more specifically the handle of the box can make the user experience rather pleasant. The handles are made up of the same material as the box and the grip might not be as comfortable and assuring. The materiality of the box makes the option of introducing new material to improve the grip and quality of the handle, very viable. This can improve the image of your printed boxes and satisfy the clients. 


A very impressive option regarding custom gable boxes is without a doubt custom insert. These inserts can be shaped according to the product requirement and they ensure the safety of the product and reduce the annoying random movement of the product inside the box. Moreover, these can go a long way in giving your boxes a much-needed luxurious element. 


The use of windows can make a box very unique and attractive. The contrast between a solid material and a transparent material can have a lasting effect and enable the customer to have a peek inside to see the product as well, increasing the curiosity and catching the audience’s interest. 

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