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7 Things to Know About Gala Coin

  • January 10, 2022
  • 3 min read
7 Things to Know About Gala Coin

Unsure if you should invest in cryptocurrency?

With an estimated 2,047 failed cryptocurrencies, you have every right to be worried about making your next leap of faith.

But what if I told you there was a crypto coin that is up 45.13% and is getting the attention of big-time investors.

It’s called the Gala Coin.

If you’re not sure what it is, don’t worry. Keep reading for the top 7 things any crypto investor should know about the coin everyone is talking about!

1) No Transaction Fees

The first thing to remember about the Gala Coin Blockchain is that it has no transaction fees. When you buy some Gala Coins at the exchange, send them to your wallet, there are no transaction fees.

Alternatively, you can accept some in trade for goods or services.

2) Instant Transfers

Another important feature of the Gala Coin Blockchain is that it is incredibly fast. New blocks are created approximately every 15 seconds.

This means that money transfers on the Gala Coin blockchain are received essentially instantly by users on either end of a transfer (at least if their wallets are online).

3) CPU Mining

Gala coins will cause any modern CPU to generate additional heat. If you set up a stable system for the mining and do not allow your computer’s cooling system to fail, this will not hurt your computer.

You can learn how to buy Gala Coin here.

4) GPU Mining

GPU mining is the way to go with Gala Coins because you can increase your chances of finding a block. This is done by using multiple high-end graphics cards.

If you have an older graphics card lying around, this might not be worth it for you since coin mining does cause stress on old hardware so don’t waste your time trying to mine with it!

5) Solo Mining vs Pool Mining

You can choose between solo mining or pool mining when setting up your rig. Of course, solo mining offers more money in the long run but pools are much easier to set up.

To solo mine, you need at least 1 high-end GPU and if you want to make sure your rig won’t fail, you must make sure that it is set up in an appropriate way. Pool mining is easier to do but will not be as profitable for you over time.

6) Staking Gala Coins

One of the best features about Gala Coin is that anyone who holds them can stake them and receive dividends! The more coins you have staked, the higher percentage of dividends you will receive.

This does mean that if someone has a large amount of Gala Coins, they could potentially control votes on proposals or even sell off their stakes on exchanges which would cause the value of Gala Coins to drop drastically.

7) Giving 8% of All Coins to Charity

With the Blockchain, users can track the origins of their coins by clicking on the transaction history tab. With no transaction fees with Gala Coins, it is possible to see where all of your coins came from if you look back through your wallet.

This means that any user can send 8% of their coins to a charity or cause they care about without worrying too much about how much money is actually being sent since there are no fees associated with this feature!

How to Buy Gala Coin

We hope this article has inspired you to learn more about Gala Coin, crypto training, and how it can help your organization. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to learn more about buying cryptocurrency, please check out our blog now!

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