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8 Ways To Make Travel Easier With Technology

  • May 12, 2022
  • 4 min read
8 Ways To Make Travel Easier With Technology

Travel is more accessible than ever as the average person can journey further and faster. People can hop on planes or trains and go anywhere from the canals of Amsterdam to the pyramids of Egypt. Going from place to place can make aspects of life complicated and it can be tricky to carry every necessity. Modern technology helps to consolidate items in your carry-on and optimize every hour of your stay in a new destination.

1. Avoid Data Roaming Fees

Your phone is your lifeline at home and abroad. Solo travelers cannot risk gaps in coverage and connectivity. Using your everyday phone and SIM card overseas can become expensive due to data roaming fees. Check with your carrier and determine whether your ICCID is covered in the region you will be visiting or how much data roaming could cost on a partner network. Alternatively, a temporary SIM card for use on the trip could reduce the price of phone communication significantly. 

2. Pay with a Digital Wallet

Organize your credit and debit card information on your smartphone. A secure digital wallet eliminates the hassle of fumbling with multiple items in your pocket or purse. Logging your payment information on your phone may speed up the checkout process during your travels. This is an added layer of protection against losing cash and finding yourself stuck without access to funds.

3. Stay on Budget with Ticket and Hotel Apps

Using budget apps to keep track of deals on tickets and hotel rooms can facilitate the most positive experience possible. Receive updates about last-minute opportunities and discounted upgrades. Room packages with meals or seasonal activities could add luxury to your excursion. Flight promotions may determine where you jet off to for a spontaneous weekend away. These types of apps can track more current information than any single person could stay on top of alone. 

4. Pack Extra Battery Power

Throw in a rechargeable battery pack or two!  A mobile battery pack will be your best friend in airport waiting areas and taxis. Extend your time away from outlets by many hours and keep moving with a reliable source of phone power in your pocket. A battery pack may also be used to charge some Bluetooth headphones.

5. Connect to a VPN 

Connecting to a virtual personal network (VPN) can help keep your data private and secure while you travel. Use local Wi-Fi in a hotel or coffee shop and stay anonymous with the aid of your VPN. Travelers who access their banking information while on the move should consider a VPN for protection against hackers and fraud. This is typically a monthly or annual subscription service and may come with the added benefit of accessing regional video streaming libraries in the home country of your choosing. 

6. Use Apps for Language Learning and Translation

Start preparing for your trip abroad early by using a language learning app like Duolingo. Knowing how to ask key questions and understand simple response phrases will boost your comfort and safety in a foreign country. If you do not have time to polish your skills then you can still enjoy your time by relying on translation apps. Some applications will translate automatic transcriptions of audio while others can read road signs or menus. 

7. Adapt Devices for International Outlets

When in doubt pack all the adapters. Wall outlets around the world vary widely and it is best to account for any possibility. Travelers may bring multi-region adapter packs or purchase devices in the airport. Prepping your power source adapters before you are surrounded by touristy stores can save money.

8. Store Photos in the Cloud

Are you running out of storage space for photos? Upload them to your existing cloud or secure additional memory for a small fee. Capture every happy moment on your trip in the cloud and edit later.

The right technology will take you far. Get out there and explore!

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