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A List Of India’s Top Five Fast Bowlers: True Legends Of The Indian Cricket

  • January 17, 2023
  • 6 min read
A List Of India’s Top Five Fast Bowlers: True Legends Of The Indian Cricket

Even though India is not well renowned for generating a big number of fast bowlers who compete at the top level, the subcontinental giant has been home to several exceptional pacers throughout its cricket history.

As per cricket live video free, article take a look at the top five quickest bowlers India has ever produced and then rate them according to how well they performed overall. This is because the Indian cricket team is finally going to make its long-awaited voyage to South Africa.

  1. Venkatesh Prasad (1994-2001) –

The tall and lanky bowler who played throughout the middle of the 1990s and who, together with Javagal Srinath, was a particularly dangerous partnership with the new ball. He played during that time. In every iteration of the game, the numbers that Prasad achieved while he was competing outside of the subcontinent were far higher than the statistics that he achieved when he was participating in the subcontinent itself.

His ability to move the ball in both ways was his greatest strength, and he used it to great success in England in 1996, while he was playing there. Prasad’s ability to move the ball in both directions was his greatest strength. However, his most dominant performance ever took place in Chennai, when he was competing against Pakistan, one of his team’s most bitter adversaries. He finished the first test of the 1999 series with six wickets to his credit and an incredible total of 33 runs out of a possible 125 runs scored by his side. His team had a potential score of 125 runs. This includes a remarkable effort by him in the second inning, during which he went five for none and did not strike out any of the players he faced.

However, Prasad truly shone for his nation in the one-day format, which is where his deceptively slow ball garnered him a lot of success and where his nagging accuracy always made it tough to score off of him. This was the format in which Prasad excelled for his country.

  1. Ajit Agarkar (1998-2007) –

A fast-medium bowler who, despite his enormous talent, was often overlooked for chances because of his chronic health concerns. This occurred even though he bowled at a fast-medium pace.

The tremendous accomplishments that Agarkar has had while playing in the 50-over format are the key reason why he is included on this list. During that period, he was able to take 288 wickets in only 191 games and set a record for being the man who took 50 ODI victims in the quickest amount of time.

Despite this, it is impossible to refute the notion that the multi-talented athlete has a higher amount of potential that has not yet been used.

  1. Javagal Srinath (1991-2003) –

Srinath concluded his career after retiring from international cricket with 315 wickets in one-day internationals. This puts him in second place among Indian pacemen, behind only the legendary Kapil Dev (although Zaheer Khan later surpassed that record).

Because he was so surprisingly fast for an Indian seamer—possibly the quickest his nation has ever produced—Srinath relied heavily on the off-cutter at the outset of his career, particularly when he was playing on the subcontinent. This was especially true while he was playing on the subcontinent.

However, over time, he was able to develop the skill necessary to include an away swinger into his game. As a consequence, his overall effectiveness as a bowler improved by a factor of two. As is the case with a good wine, Srinath improved with age, as seen by the remarkable performance he turned in at his last World Cup, which was held in South Africa in the year 2003. This is comparable to the way a superb wine improves with age.

  1.  Zaheer Khan (2000-2012) –

In the early part of his career, he struggled mightily with inconsistency with the ball and dealt with ailments to his hamstring and back. On the other hand, in the second half of his career, he made a series of changes that brought a significant departure from the first half of his career.

Despite this, the swing bowler began playing in all forms of the game following a career-changing spell in county cricket with Worcestershire in the summer of 2006. This was quite similar to what the famous Pakistani left-arm Wasim Akram did when he was at the height of his abilities.

And Zaheer’s primary gift was not so much the degree to which he caused the ball to swing, even though this was an essential component of his arsenal. Instead, Zaheer’s primary strength was in the fact that he was able to exert control over the game and seemed to have an innate understanding of when and how to remove batters from the opposition team off the field of play. He accomplished this by giving the ball as much of a swing as he possibly could.

  1.  Kapil Dev (1978-1994) –

His extraordinary international career extended 16 years, during which time he took an astounding 434 wickets in Test matches and 253 wickets in One-Day Internationals (ODIs). As a consequence of this, many people consider him to be India’s most proficient fast bowler.

After taking India to their first World Cup victory at Lord’s in 1983 as captain, Kapil decided to retire from the sport in 1994 with 431 wickets to his name. At the time of his retirement, Kapil held the record for most wickets taken in the history of cricket. Kapil was the player in the history of cricket who had taken the most wickets when he decided to hang up his cleats. In recognition of everything that he had accomplished during his career, the all-rounder was named India’s Cricketer of the Century in the year 2002. [Cricketer of the Century]

The medium-fast bowlers will be most recognised for his pinpoint accuracy and relentless nagging out swinging delivered close to the wicket at a rapid speed. He will also be noted for his quick tempo. In addition to this, he will be remembered for his extraordinary stamina, which allowed him to bowl for long amounts of time, as well as for his ability to squeeze every last drop of potential out of his abilities.

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