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Amazing Activities Offered by Boat Hire Dubai

  • August 11, 2021
  • 3 min read
Amazing Activities Offered by Boat Hire Dubai

Kids are often looking for something adventurous on every vacation they go. Even if you charter a yacht for a vacation for your family. Your kids must be looking for adventure other than this on board. But, let us make kids and adults happy together. Empire yachts – the best boat hire Dubai to have all the adventure sports capable of making your and your kid’s trip super fun and interesting.


Jetski is the most obvious sport on every yacht rental. But it doesn’t give much satisfaction to every yacht rental. The condition of the motor matters. The jet ski is a very exciting sport for kids and adult both. Your kids can also experience the sport but he/she can only accompany you and obviously cannot drive.


Water donuts are a super fun and exciting thing to do with your family and kid in the water. In this activity, you have to do nothing just fit yourself in the donut and we will promise you the best donut ride you’ve ever had. It looks quite normal, but riding a donut at high speed into the water is quite fun and adventurous. It is worth trying experience while on a yacht vacation

Banana Boat Hire Dubai

Something more interesting than a donut. What’s that, A BANANA. Must try a banana boat while you are on a yacht vacation. must try it. A banana-shaped tow toy for a ride. What’s more exciting than this obviously. It is the favorite ride of every kid on the boat. The shape and ride of the boat hire Dubai excite me to take a chance at it.


The most relaxing activity you can try onboard. Just relaxing at your chair and throwing a line in. and experience the relaxing fishing activity. You can fish a variety of fish into the water. It is not a very big deal you will be good at it by the time. Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or a newbie. 

Wake foiling

Every trying flying over water?. Sounds interesting right. You can exactly do that.  Grab your adventures group of friends and get ready to try the most exciting sport in the beautiful blue waters. Go with the waves and enjoy the best view of the Dubai skyline.


Yacht rental with wakeboarding is the fanciest trend in Dubai’s watersports. It is a combination of surfing and wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is currently one of the top recorded watersports in Dubai. Yachts additionally give quality wakeboarding meetings. Ride the wave alongside us in this top-notch.

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