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Aruba Travel Tips : What Currency You Can Spend ?

  • January 14, 2022
  • 4 min read
Aruba Travel Tips : What Currency You Can Spend ?

Aruba is a pretty popular place among travelers. That’s the reason why many of them wonder about whether it is really worth going there. The island does not seem to be a very developed one and the prices there are too high for those who come from such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. And other European countries.

There are two official currencies in Aruba and only one of the two is legal tender. The same applies to credit cards acceptance is very high, but there is a convenience and value factor to consider.As an international traveler, you may be wondering what currency will you need to take with you on your trip to Aruba. In order to answer that question, here’s some information that can help answer that question.

Where Is Aruba Located ?

Aruba is a Caribbean Island that belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Aruba is located in the western part of the Caribbean Sea, about 150 miles north of Venezuela and about 200 miles south of the coast of northern Colombia. Aruba is one of the ABC Islands which also includes Bonaire and Curaçao. The currency of Aruba is called the Aruban florin or guilder (AWG). The official language spoken in Aruba is Dutch and English. The people are known as “Arubans”.

Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation to Aruba

Aruba has a currency that is as unique as its location. Here are some travel tips for Aruba travelers that will help you make the most of your trip.

Hold Some Cash

Aruba is an island located off the coast of Venezuela and belongs to The Kingdom of the Netherlands. The official language spoken in Aruba is Dutch, but English is widely spoken on the island. There are not many cash machines on the island, so it’s best to obtain cash before arriving in order to make purchases and pay for tours, excursions, and transportation on the island.

Learn About Charges

Travelers should be aware that businesses may charge different prices for goods and services depending upon what currency they are using. If you are using a credit card or traveler’s check, it might be wise to ask about any additional surcharges. Before you exchange Aruba currency to usd currency know that the rates change from time to so you should always be up to date with the official rates.

Contact a Reliable Currency Exchange

• Most people choose to exchange money at the airport upon arrival, but it’s possible to exchange money ahead of time for your trip. The best rates for changing currency are at banks or exchange centers.
• You may have to pay a service fee if you change money at hotels or resorts during your stay. You can also exchange currency when you arrive by going directly to an ATM machine or at one of the many exchange kiosks located throughout the island. Don’t forget your passport.

What Currency You Can Spend in Aruba ?

Aruba is a part of a country called the Netherlands Antilles. This means that it is a country that has its own currency. The official Aruba currency is called the Aruban florin, which is also known as the florin or just simply “flor”.

However, there are two official currencies in Aruba: The Aruban florin and the United States dollar. Only the Aruban florin is legal tender. U.S. dollars are not widely accepted because it’s not legal tender, there are some places for which it is not practical to spend dollars as another currency is more convenient or valuable. The same applies to credit cards acceptance is very high, but there is a convenience and value factor to consider.

In order to get your hands on some Aruban florins, you will have to exchange money at the airport upon arrival. It is recommended that you bring either U.S. dollars or Euros with you in order to exchange them because typically credit cards are not accepted here and this can be very inconvenient. Arubans love small changes so make sure to carry a lot of coins with you at all times for taxis, tolls, and even tips.


Aruba is a beautiful island with a lot to offer. You can enjoy a variety of tourist activities, including scuba diving, shopping, and even hiking. Aruba is an ideal destination for people that like the beach since this paradise island has about 10 beaches, all different but equally beautiful. It’s hard not to fall in love with Aruba.

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