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Attract Abundance With Uplifting Meditations

  • August 14, 2021
  • 5 min read
Attract Abundance With Uplifting Meditations

For generations, the art and science of meditation (yes, it is an art, just as it is a science) has been proven to attract an abundance of peace and self-awareness, just as it improves interpersonal relationships.

What started as a spiritual journey of self-discovery and a form of silent, yet loud communication with the spiritual realm has over time, been reflected in the body of meditators.

Just as fitness exercises train your body and keep you physically fit, uplifting meditations train your mind and keep you mentally fit. 

When you frequently practice meditation, you are keeping your mind in check, updating it for mental tasks, and it is soothing to the body. Double impressive results!

In the Buddhist tradition, meditation is not just an act. It is a range of mental activities like in sports where there are different sporting activities for different purposes and done differently. 

The way a rookie meditates is different from how an experienced meditator does the same.

Empowering meditation is just like an onion; there are different layers to it. it takes you on a long, but gradual journey. It opens your eyes and mind to your environment, even as it improves on your self-discovery.

As you meditate, it is always advisable to take note of your breath. That way, you are conscious as you attract abundance towards and within you. You’d discover that your breathing gets better and calmer.

There are several Techniques to meditate, but they fall under 2 umbrellas, which are; concentration and mindfulness meditation.

Uplifting Meditations via Concentration Meditation

This form of meditation requires that you focus on a single point or object. It could be a candle flame, or an image, you can even focus on space.

This can be combined with a slow, rhythmical breath, probably combined with the repetition of a word or phrase. Click here to learn more about meditation benefits, especially when combined with different breathing exercises.

You can also add a repetitive sound. The sound shouldn’t be a noisy one though. It could be the sound of a gong that is repetitive or a soothing musical instrument that keeps repeating.

When you practice meditation through concentration, you filter every other thing around you that may distract you and focus your attention on a particular object or sound. Hence, the name ‘concentration’.  

Each time you find your mind wandering, you draw it back to the object to concentrate on. It also requires you have the discipline of not pursuing random thoughts. This process improves your ability to concentrate and maintain focus.

Practise Meditation via Mindfulness Meditation

Uplifting meditations do not necessarily always involve you shutting away everything and everyone. It is still possible to attract abundance when you practice meditation. Empowering meditation with the consciousness of your environment is still possible. This is mindful meditation.

You may not always be opportune to enjoy the privacy you need in a secluded place to meditate. When this happens, you can employ this technique and you can still get your desired result(s).

This technique involves you allowing nature to take its cause, but you, not losing focus. You make use of the noise and happenings around you as meditation instruments. But ensure they don’t distract you.

With this technique, you are 100% conscious of happenings in your environment. It helps your thoughts to move in a pattern.

 With practice, this technique makes meditation possible for you irrespective of where you are and what is going on around you.

Just as is its name, uplifting meditations uplift the body, mind, and spirit. It is a physical cum spiritual communion.

 As meditations attract abundance, it is wholesome. The abundance is not for some part while others are left alone. The impact is felt all through.

Benefits of meditation

Genuine relaxation tops the list of the impacts of meditation on and in an individual. You are physically and mentally relaxed. 

The relaxation you feel inside becomes obvious on your face and body as a whole.

Aside from the obvious relaxation you experience, meditation does the following to your nervous system;

i. Lower blood pressure

ii. Improved blood circulation

iii. Lower heart rate

iv. Less perspiration

v. Slower respiratory rate

vi. Less anxiety

vii. Lower blood cortisol levels

viii. More feelings of well-being

ix. Less stress

x. Deeper relaxation

For maximum result, you can meditate doing the following;

1. Sit comfortably. You may even want to invest in a meditation mat, chair, or cushion. You may lie too if you are disciplined enough not to fall asleep.

2. Close your eyes. Especially for beginners who are struggling with putting their attention under control.

3. Do not try to control how you breathe; just breathe.

4. Focus your attention on your breath and how your body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Pay attention to the movement of your body as you breathe. 

Be attentive to your body especially your ribs, shoulders, belly, and chest; be sure not to force your breath and bring your mind back when it drifts away.

Practice these techniques for as long as you can, from a few minutes to hours, several times a week, and in no time, you are certain to start to notice the results from within even as they reflect outwardly.  

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