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Benefits of Virtual Coffee and Tips for Organizing It

  • July 22, 2022
  • 4 min read
Benefits of Virtual Coffee and Tips for Organizing It

Virtual coffee talks and conversations are an efficient technique to keep networking with coworkers and connections while we continue to work and network remotely and respect the social distance.

To better organize virtual coffee chats, take a look at Hoppier’s virtual coffee ideas. If you are still in doubt about virtual coffee meetings, keep reading. This article explains virtual coffee benefits and what you need to do to organize them properly.

Virtual coffee benefits

Here are some advantages of participating in online talks over virtual coffee.

Staying in touch with your colleagues

Communication with coworkers and peers can be facilitated via virtual coffees. During regular check-ins with each team member, you can introduce yourself, see how they’re doing, or address specific issues connected to your line of business.

Check-ins and virtual coffees can play a significant role in developing and deepening your internal network and creating prospects. It can also improve your well-being by giving you access to a wider peer support system.

Support networks

You can discuss various business issues during virtual coffee talks with people who find themselves in similar situations. They may be able to offer genuinely helpful advice based on their own experiences.

Morale booster

Given the uncertainty, we face both at work and in our personal lives, morale has been unsurprisingly low in the majority of organizations.

Your team will feel supported by knowing that this half-hour time slot is totally theirs to enjoy. As an employer, you should let them spend this time like this and promote virtual coffee breaks and team-building exercises in your workplace.

Social release

Working from home has a number of advantages, including the reduction in commuting time and more family time. It does, however, eliminate the incidental social connection that comes with working in an office. This has an effect on our mental health as well as how involved we feel in the company and the dynamics of our work team.

A virtual coffee break offers a space for weekend catch-up and even off-the-record conversation about anything on our thoughts.

Virtual coffee tips

Don’t get too technical or analytical once you start planning your virtual coffee events. These are not meant to be interviews or performance evaluations.

Rather, a virtual coffee conversation should loosen up everyone and make them relax a bit. Let’s go through some virtual coffee tips that will help you organize everything.

Know who you will talk with in advance

Knowing a little bit about a person before starting a discussion always makes it simpler. To find out more about their history, look them up on LinkedIn or in a business directory.

You might be able to get some interesting personal information from them, such as their education or volunteer work, to use in conversation. In either case, it’s a great conversation starter and a method to demonstrate your sincere interest in the other person.

Prepare conversation starters

Occasionally, conversations may flow easily. However, when there are awkward or silent pauses in a conversation, prompts can sometimes make the conversation easier. Learning about someone else is also simpler when you use a few established topics.

Keep it short and sweet

Fifteen to thirty minutes is the best duration for virtual coffee events. You can start talking right away without having to ramble on. If there isn’t a true connection, it could be challenging to pass the time.

No distractions

Giving someone your undivided attention is one of the most crucial elements of making a connection with them. It exhibits decency and respect.

Spend some time closing Slack, pausing your email notifications, and any other open programs. This way, you’ll have a sharper concentration and resist the urge to reply to your boss’ brief query.

Needless to say, you should also put away your mobile phone.

Avoid talking only about work

Building a personal connection is beneficial whether you are meeting a new client or coworker. It can help you get to know them better as a person and be a cure for loneliness. Additionally, it conveys your concern for them as more than just a coworker or adviser. 

However, in this case, there need to be some limits. For instance, you don’t have to tell personal information to your virtual coffee chat members.

Final words

You now understand what a virtual coffee break is and why it’s such an essential part of your workweek. Now you may start planning the ideal virtual coffee break where you and your colleagues can just enjoy one another’s a company in this format. Enjoy!

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