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Bitcoin Auto-Trading Robots: The Ultimate List

  • July 12, 2022
  • 7 min read
Bitcoin Auto-Trading Robots: The Ultimate List

Whether for those new to the field or those who want to execute a 24-hour trading strategy, using a bitcoin trading bot seems to be a good solution. Trading robots are rampant in the financial markets, and crypto-assets are no exception. Now let us start with what is a bitcoin trading robot? But before we proceed, note that there are many of them available as we list them in a subsequent section; however, you can check out a comprehensive detail of each on biconnect.co

What are Bitcoin auto-trading robots?

Trading bots are nothing more or less than trading strategies that, once programmed, are automatically executed based on the behavior of the market prices of a financial asset. While not necessarily as sensitive, or at least as adaptable, to a situation as a human, the bitcoin trading bot has at least three significant advantages over humans: 

1.  It can work tirelessly: every second, all week, 365 days a year, the bot can monitor the markets. Once the bot becomes launched, it will run 24/7 without its human owner needing to watch it, except from time to time to check its efficiency! 

2.  Make decisions faster and more accurately: where humans will take even a few seconds to click and trade, the robot will have already been able to perform ten transactions if the latter follow the programmed strategy. And since he follows the latter to the letter, he does it with goldsmith precision.

3.  The bot lacks emotions: This is perhaps its most important feature for trading. Because sticking to your predefined strategy and respecting strict money management (risk management) is the most challenging thing for humans due to their emotions. The excesses of greed, fear, or misplaced pride are alien to the trading robot.

Here are the top 5 bitcoin trading bots that make up the ultimate list:

Bitcoin Future 

Comparing Bitcoin Future to others will reveal that it has the benefit of being very customizable, making it an appealing tool for individuals who want to specify their tactics with precision. The registration process is easy, and the Bitcoin Future interface is user-friendly, allowing users to begin using the robot immediately after completing it:

Bitcoin Future provides accurate signals on various cryptocurrency pairs. The user can see different trading ideas on the dashboard and act on them with just one click. The user also accesses a fully customizable dashboard to choose the assets for investing. And can also activate automatic operations. However, manual trading on signals is a better option for testing and managing risk initially.

Finally, another notable and unique feature of Bitcoin Future is incorporating a historical chart. It may not be enough for accurate technical analysis, but it does provide an overview of price performance over different timeframes.

Bitcoin Circuit 

This cryptocurrency robot connects to the Application Programming Interface (API) of an investment platform, usually brokers, to open and close trades. It is where Bitcoin Circuit excels. Many of these auto trading tools have the uniqueness of not finding suitable investment platforms for specific regions. Several comprehensive analyses and evaluations conducted on Bitcoin Circuit revealed that it could satisfy its users anywhere in the world.

Thus, its plethora of options to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are open, regardless of your geographic location. Likewise, the tool allows you to trade with different currency pairs. However, the algorithm is better suited to the behavior of Bitcoin and other similar altcoins.

Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution’s massive popularity over the past year makes it an option to consider. The robot promises a pretty high success rate, and while this cannot be guaranteed, the feedback this tool has received has been remarkable. Bitcoin Revolution facilitates human operations while simultaneously providing a robust algorithm for automated processes regarding its distinguishing features.

With a configuration suited to the risk profile of each user, it can be an option with excellent potential. Another advantage is that the brokers it works with often connect to require relatively small minimum deposits, around $250.

While aiming to earn profits of up to $1,100 a day, it is essential to view this number cautiously and set realistic expectations at the beginning, test the tool and start with the minimum investment to ensure that Bitcoin Revolution has the best fit per your expectations.

1K Daily Profit

We close the list with 1K Daily Profit because its design opted for a modern interface and is one of the best organized and visually pleasing robots. This system has the best and most straightforward boot process in the cryptocurrency industry. The inclusion of all its bespoke features met with great delight from many experienced users. One of these is the “wall of signals,” where they will find suggestions launched by 1K Daily Profit’s innovative algorithm.

A comprehensive list of these Bitcoin robots are:

·        1K Daily Profit

·        Bitcoin SuperSplit

·        Bitcoin Wealth

·        BitQT BQ

·        Bitcoin Up

·        Bitcoin Prime

·        Cryptosoft

·        Bitcoin Code

·        Bitcoin Era

·        Bitcoin Gemini

·        Crypto Revolt

·        Bitcoin Loophole

·        Bitcoin Trader

·        Ethereum Code

·        Crypto Genius

·        Bitcoin Champion

·        Bitcoin Freedom

·        Crypto Nation Pro

·        Bitcoin Revival

·        Bitcoin Bank

·        Bitcoin Profit

·        Crypto Cash

·        Bitcoin Rush

·        The News Spy

·        Bitcoin Boom

·        Bitcoin Storm

·        Crypto Wealth App

·        Bitcoin Lifestyle

·        Bitcoin Superstar

·        Bitcoin Millionaire Pro

·        Bitcoin Synergy

·        Anon System

·        Bitcoin Evolution

·        Crypto Legacy Pro

·        Crypto Engine

·        Bitcoin Optimizer

·        Bitcoin Revolution

·        Bitcoin Compass

·        Bitcoin Aussie System

·        Crypto Community

·        Bitcoin Rejoin

·        Immediate Bitcoin

·        Bitcoin Union

·        Bitcoin Money

·        Crypto Profit

·        One Bitcoin a Day

·        Bitcoin Digital

·        Bitcoin Fortress

·        Bitcoin Investor

·        Bitcoin Blueprint

·        Bitcoin Machine

·        Profit Revolution

·        Bitcoin Formula

·        Bitcoin Future

·        Bitcoin System

·        Bitcoin Miner

Tips when investing with a Bitcoin auto-trading robot

  1. It is essential to check the information about the investment providers that connect to the robot, as this is where it will house your money.
  2. The capacity of these tools often exceeds that of a professional who opens manual operations and has little experience. However, having realistic earnings expectations is vital. The trading bots work best when they get tailored to specifications.
  3. It’s preferable not to take any chances, especially initially, and to employ automatic trading for a limited time to assess results, re-evaluate, and enhance techniques.
  4. Although no robot can guarantee a 100% success rate, the cryptocurrency market’s volatility allows expanding the possibilities of generating profits in shorter periods. In the 2017 boom, many cryptocurrencies racked up earnings of over 1000%, which seem only possible in this digital world.
  5. Note that increasing profit potential also increases risk. Therefore, it is always advisable to have proper risk management, even when trading with an auto-trading tool.
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