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Burnt Cushion Problem? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Fix Em

  • August 19, 2021
  • 4 min read
Burnt Cushion Problem? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Fix Em

Have you experienced having a burnt cushion? Are you wondering if you could repair your cushions with covers? Have you thought of finding ways on how to fix them without compromising your handmade cushions?

As a homeowner, you need to know how to fix things. You want to be a DIY person so that you won’t have to look for someone who can repair tiny problems in your house. You also want to spend your money on more important things that need bills to allocate. One of those problems is when you encounter a burnt hole on your handmade cushions.

Ways on How to Fix Burnt Cushions

1. Soak in cold water

If your handmade cushions scorch marks are still fresh, soak them in cold water for 24 hours and more. Do it immediately so that you can remove it quickly.

2. Use hydrogen peroxide

Another way to remove burn marks on your cushions is by wetting the burnt effect using hydrogen peroxide. It is best if you remembered you need to do a spot test. It will let you know if the fabric or the color of the fabric will fade if you use hydrogen peroxide. If the scorch is light, you can use up to 3% of hydrogen peroxide.

You need to keep the scorched area moist using hydrogen peroxide. If the burnt mark is heavy, you can use a cloth and dampen it with 3% hydrogen peroxide and cover the burnt area. Cover it with another dry cloth. Press the fabric using an iron with the right amount of heat that applies to the material. You can repeat these actions until the scorched mark on your handmade cushions is gone, or there is no improvement on the fabric.

3. Wash with laundry detergent

Another method of removing burn marks on your handmade cushions is washing them using a laundry detergent. In washing, you need to use hot water and bleach. Make sure that the bleach is applied to the fabric after doing a spot test, so you’ll know if it is safe to use for the fabric of your cushions. Or you can soak the cloth using sodium perborate kind of bleach and use hot water and then launder.

4. Sprinkle with salt

Another method is by sprinkling salt on the scorched area. Cover the burnt area with lemon juice after spraying it with salt. Then you can now spread your handmade cushions under the sun. It will bleach naturally.

Since it has a bleaching effect, always perform a spot test. It may cause your handmade cushions‘ fabrics to fade. After doing these steps, you can now launder your pillows.


If your handmade cushions are scorched severely, the scorched marks are now impossible to remove. Read its care label always, especially when you are trying to do some methods in stain removal. Always make sure that you are not using products under the prohibited part of the care label.

Always do a spot test on a small conspicuous area to test the colorfastness of the fabric. You also have to be careful in combining your cleaning agents. As a homeowner, you must keep and throw away the products and containers properly after cleaning. Make sure that they are away from the curious eyes of your children.


With these simple ways, aside from saving your cushions, you will also save money. You don’t have to buy new cushions to replace the scorched ones immediately. With these simple methods, you can rest your mind at ease.

Having a backup method in your own homes when emergencies like this, you won’t have to panic about how you’ll remedy minor incidents like scorched marks on your cushions. Aside from having a backup method, you can also share this simple method with your friends who have the same problems as you did. Not only have you saved your cushions, but you also saved a friend from a lot of troubles in the future.

Having some of this simple method as a backup will make you less worried and a little more creative about how to solve simple incidents without having to panic about how you are going to solve them. It would also help when you don’t know who to call on for help when you encounter the same problems in the future. As a homeowner, it will put your mind at ease for minor issues like this.

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