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Buy Online Furniture in India from Craftatoz

  • August 16, 2021
  • 5 min read
Buy Online Furniture in India from Craftatoz

Craftatoz is the most trusted as well as renowned website which provides us the best furniture in India. Craftatoz has transformed the furniture industry with the use of the latest technology, best available tools, and amazing material that is source directly from nature.

Craftatoz has made people believed that they can also trust online sites and can rely on such sites. They have done a lot of research about the trending updates, upcoming material, updated designs, and also reviews on that particular product. Firstly, it was very hard to make people understand the dimensions, quality, customization, etc. But as time pass, Craftatoz always tried to make the best variety of furniture. If one is buying from Craftatoz then he/she need not have to worry about the repair as well as replacement. Craftatoz replaces the furniture if in case it has any kind of defect. And also it gives you all the warranty of at least one year.

There are many more online furniture stores online. They also give the same looking product and also provide the same delivery facility. But Craftatoz has its uniqueness So as it is the most trusted website. While purchasing the furniture, Craftatoz always helps you by showing the furniture starting from the living room up to the bedroom. This site also allows you to select your product by customizing it. You are allowed to change the size, colors according to your need. As Furniture is something which you will not buy every year. So, You should always make a wiser choice and select the best furniture at one instance.

Buy online furniture in India from Craftatoz

The most ultimate of Craftatoz is to provide the best as well as fanciest furniture to their customers. The main motive for Craftatoz is customer satisfaction. India is more of a traditional country. So, Craftatoz provides the most traditional wooden furniture at an affordable price. You can browse the Craftatoz website and find a wide range of variety People get the most trending furniture from this site. You get the most featured, durable as well as long-lasting products which will not fade the color of your furniture.

Craftatoz offers the most trending furniture which includes Bedroom furniture, Living room furniture, Dining table, TV units, Dressing table, Sofa sets, Beds, Tablecloths, Mattresses, and also many more. All types of designs are available in the online store of Craftatoz. You all can refer to King chair for living room, Corner shelves for bedroom and also more amazing things for child room as well. Study table’s from Craftatoz make us feel like it is inviting us to sit and study positively. You can also get some antique pieces like wooden statues, wooden showpieces, and also some hanging pots which are designed in a very unique manner.

Buy a Sheesham wood Furniture-Craftatoz

As we know, The best Sheesham wood furniture is best provided in Chennai through an online Craftatoz store. It provides us the most durable wooden furniture which will last for many years. Without traveling to different stores, you can get your favorite furniture at your doorstep.

Craftatoz has made such an impact on the buyer that it has opened in every city to provide you the hassle-free furniture. You just simply need to visit the website and see the different categories. You will ultimately get the best wooden furniture. This Sheesham wood furniture is famous as it has a delightful as well as elegant fragrance. It has a peaceful structure that will make us feel comfortable and also we will get the most positive vibes.

Five kinds of wood used  in India to make furniture

1.Teakwood:-This wood is most commonly used in all types of furniture. It is mainly produced from Kerela and also imported from Burma AND Ghana. These types are used in cabinets, door frames, and also in home décor too.

2.Cedarwood:-This wood is also known as Marandi which is imported from Malaysia. It is mainly used to make wooden statues to decorate our living room like a bedroom. It is also used to make shoe racks and trunks. It does not require much maintenance and is aesthetically appealing.

3.Rosewood:-This wood is found majorly in Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala, and Madhya Pradesh.It is commonly known as Sheesham wood. Although it is a bit expensive it is the most durable irrespective of temperature.

4.Satinwood:-If you want to give classy look to your furniture then go for this wood. It is very hard as well as long-lasting. So, if you want to have the furniture for years then you should surely buy an item of furniture made from Satinwood.

5.Sal wood:-This is mostly found in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka. It is termite and water-resistant.  Sal wood is commonly used in windows, door frames, and beams.

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