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Cave Tours Margaret River: Best Caves To Explore

  • December 26, 2022
  • 5 min read
Cave Tours Margaret River: Best Caves To Explore

A trip to the region of Margaret River Caves is one of those things that can’t be missed when vacationing in Western Australia. These fantastic natural structures are distinctive in their own right while still being exceptional. There are about one hundred caverns hidden beneath the surface of the land that stretches from Busselton to Augusta along the Cape Naturaliste Ridge. It makes it one of the most cave-rich regions in Australia. Visitors have a variety of alternatives to select from when exploring the Caves of Margaret River, some of which are significantly simpler to enter than others.

Therefore, whether you travel with children, have mobility issues, or would instead go on cave tours Margaret River, continue reading to locate the trip that best suits your needs.

Fantastic Cave Found In Margaret River That You Should Visit

When choosing a cave to explore in the Margaret River area, there are various factors to consider. It’s about deciding on the finest shelter in the region of Margaret for visitors based on their family needs, accessibility needs, and hobbies. Whether you’re a history buff, a crystal collector, or a brave cave explorer, choose what you’ll like the most.

Jewel Cave

It is the place to be if you’re searching for something genuinely spectacular. Western Australia’s greatest display cave has three massive chambers coated in various crystals and formations. There are several unusual sights and flowstones to see, including The Organ Pipes and The Frozen Waterfall.

Jewel Cave is best for families with older children because it is a fully guided tour that lasts an hour, and younger children may become bored. There are some narrow sections of the trail where you’ll have to duck down or fit through, but there are fewer steps than the other choices. Jewel Cave is an excellent pick if you’re a cave enthusiast looking to learn new things and witness a wide range of formations.

Cave Lake

It is breathtaking and a must-see for everyone travelling to Australia. Visitors enter via a spectacular Karri Forest sinkhole. You are greeted with a vista of a fixed lake underground with an amazing suspended table structure floating just over the water’s surface. The dripping cave provides a tranquil atmosphere as you explore its water depths.

Cave Lake is Margaret River’s smallest exhibition cave, but it is also the shallowest, and you’ll get a complete tour guide. Furthermore, the stairs are structured such that there are not several steps among breaks, making them quite usable for folks who can’t climb for lengthy periods.

Cave Mammoth

It is an outdoor area for kids and history buffs alike since it contains megafauna. You may travel through time by following the meandering boardwalk, which brings you a sizeable fossilised jawbone lodged in the cave’s limestone wall. In the 1900s, the cave Mammoth was the location of a vast paleontological dig.

Visitors can explore all the attractions at their leisure. Because the first panel of this fantastic cave is accessible by wheelchair, Mammoth Cave is the greatest alternative for everyone who has movement concerns.

Ngilgi Cave

Ngilgi Cave, located in Western Australia, is the most famous cave in the Margaret River area. This choice is ideal for families because it contains activities for both adults and children. It’s also conveniently positioned on Caves Road, the wine country’s heart. The trip is semi-guided, so parents may learn about the cave’s history and the area’s aboriginal heritage before allowing their children to explore the cave on their own.

A children’s crawl tunnel is a popular pastime because it allows youngsters to feel like daring cave explorers as they creep down the tunnel to the other side. There is a touch table where you and your kids may satisfy your curiosity about how the crystals from the cave feel.

Why Should You Go To The Margaret River Caves?

The Margaret River caves are a beautiful geographical feature of Australia. The limestone cavern system dates back a million years and runs from Cape Leeuwin in the south to Cape Naturaliste in the north. A visit to the caverns with cave tours Margaret River may break up a vacation for kids that may include winery and brewery excursions.

Margaret River’s caverns are a terrific year-round pastime. The underground caves maintain a relatively steady year-round temperature, making them suitable for summer and winter. Furthermore, even on a wet day, most are safe and dry to visit.


You may have an incredible journey down south to see these beautiful places. If you enjoy exploring caves, this list has several of the greatest. You now know better which cave you want to visit on your Margaret River vacation. If you want an expert in the local region to get away the stress out of planning your vacation, cave tours Margaret River can be a fantastic option.

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