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Cricket betting: The basics that you need to know

  • April 20, 2022
  • 4 min read
Cricket betting: The basics that you need to know

With the development of the bookmaking industry, cricket bets have appeared on the market. Slowly, cricket betting is gaining more and more interest among sports fans. 

Although hardly anyone is interested in this sport in some countries, it is quite the opposite in others. Cricket sports betting is more prevalent in other countries. The sport has its roots in Great Britain and its former colonies. In the two Asian countries, India and Pakistan, cricket is considered a national sport. Despite the much lower popularity of cricket than other sports such as football or volleyball, professional cricket players can make a great fortune. Thanks to Lottoland Asia, Asian game fans can bet on their favorite matches. 

The best cricket bookmakers

In the beginning, bookmakers offered cricket bets only in a stationary form. However, cricket betting has gained incredible popularity in Great Britain and many Asian countries. So it is evident that bookmakers did not consider cricket as their priority. Instead, the bookmakers’ offer is dominated by football bets because it gathers enormous fans, thus generating the most significant profits.

Choosing cricket betting sites with high odds and a wide offer is ideal. Nowadays, thanks to mobile applications, extending betting games is pretty simple, and this brings additional solutions for placing a bet. Players can bet anytime they want without leaving their homes. All they need is access to a smartphone and the Internet.

Cricket betting – what should you know?

Before discussing cricket betting, you should first consider the game’s rules. Regardless of what sport we choose, we should start with knowing it to understand what we are playing. Therefore, we will give you the basics of the game of cricket.

There is a theory that cricket rules are the foundation of the famous baseball game. In cricket, you also hit the ball with a wooden stick and score points by running on the pitch in the appropriate zones. Two teams of eleven players take part in a cricket match. Each group has a bowler whose task is to throw the ball into the opponent’s designated goal. Their rival from the opposing team is a batsman whose mission is to defend the goal with a wooden stick.

If the batsman hits the ball, he runs to the other end of the cricket field as quickly as possible and has to get as many runs (runes) as possible and switch places with his teammate standing next to the bowler. If this happens, the team receives one point (runes). The team scores higher when the ball leaves the field (4 runs) or glides over it without touching it (6 runs). The winning team is the one that gets the most runs or is the first to eliminate the opposing team (batsman elimination). Interestingly, a cricket match can last from several hours to several days!

So, remember that cricket matches require a lot of patience from the audience as they can go on for days.

If we already know everything about the rules of cricket, we can move on to cricket betting. But unfortunately, cricket bookmakers offer relatively few markets. Nevertheless, we can find those with a more comprehensive offer anyway, giving more opportunities to betting players.

How to bet on cricket? The traditional type of cricket betting asks the player “to predict the winner or the draw”. However, some bookmakers have more alternatives. A popular betting type is “to predict on which day the match will end”. You can also bet on how many days the game will last and player statistics. If we know the shape of individual players, we can try to predict the score they will get in a specific match.

Which payment methods to choose when betting on cricket

The bookmaker offers cricket both in stationary and online services. There are so many methods of payment accepted by bookmakers that, indeed, everyone will find something for themselves. Cricket betting doesn’t require any unique payment options. Regardless of what method we choose, we can make a deposit using all available payment methods.

The most popular are electronic wallets, payment cards, and bank transfers. As for the deposit limits, they depend on the individual rules of the bookmaker and the payment options accepted by him. The good news for everyone is that all payments to bookmakers are free! Moreover, a good bookie will process deposits immediately. It minimizes the need to wait before a player can place their first bet.

That was all for this guide. Please share it with your friends who might be interested in cricket betting. They will find it very helpful. If you have any thoughts or a tip to add, please leave us a comment, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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