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Destiny 2 Xur: Location and Other Important Information

  • January 16, 2024
  • 6 min read
Destiny 2 Xur: Location and Other Important Information

One of the most anticipated characters is Xur, Agent of Nine, a vendor who appears during the weekends in Destiny. The mysterious character Destiny 2 xur, a jelly-faced man, lives in Destiny 2 for the weekend until next week’s reset. People looking to get some shiny, latest exotic weapons or armour for the guardian can look further for every week. Xur has a random collection of strange armour. Things like exotic engrams and random exotic weapons are available for purchase. Read further to learn about how long he appears in a week and unique opportunities for guardians to purchase unknown items.

About Destiny 2 Xur

The mysterious vendor and an agent of the nine xur visit the system every weekend in destiny 2 xur. The vendor offers the guardians the chance to purchase legendary and exotic gear for a specific price. He is simple: NPC sells rare items on weekends. Apart from his exotic wares, he has a random collection of armour and legendary weapons to deck out your guardians. 

Destiny 2 Xur Location

To find Xur this week you have to go to the Winding Cove waypoint in the EDZ. You have to go on the left side of the road and you will find a small cave entrance, enter in a small cave. You can reach Xur following the path of the cave.

Who Is Xur?

Xur is a Jovian from a group of planets once colonized by humanity during the golden age expanse. Aside from the one cryptic weekend messenger, jovian beings are all humanoid races players still need to face. Xur appears to guardians hooded and curved over, often taking to dark tuckaways and dark corners on the planets he visits. Xur’s bent posture is due to a spine-shattering injury he sustained after being interrogated by the guardian Orin, who is the agent of Awoken Queen Mara Sov. He has sharp glowing eyes and wispy tendrils showing true intentions, but transactions with him are equally beneficial for now.

Reason To Visit Destiny 2 For

One of the main reasons to visit destiny 2 xur is that xur provides players a chance to secure some of the finest items obtainable in Destiny. Offering armour and exotic arms means avoiding a grind, getting a powerful weapon, or waiting for a random world drop. For the person who missed the previous opportunity or if you are a new player, you provide a shortcut for guardians to get a piece of gear they are being searched for. Recently, Destiny 2 offers a free quest for an exotic Cipher. The strange cyphers are rare items that allow the players to purchase unknown items that are no longer obtainable through traditional means. The exotics are gear found previously in vaulted raids or from quests. The bank terminals trade these cylinders in the Tower at the exotic archive. 

How Does Xur Work In Destiny 2?

Xur appears randomly on relocation day, and only the general location is random. If destiny 2, xur appears in the Tower, he will always be behind Dead’s orbit in the Hangar. If he appears on Nessus, he will always appear on the Imperial Barge. The locations may vary beyond light due to content vaulting. Wherever he appears, he has an exotic weapon and one piece of exotic armour for each class, comprising four random exotics. One can also be an exotic engram from him, but only for one week. This always gives the individual an exotic that the person already has that can drop randomly. If there is an armour or weapon already, one will get random exotic armour with great stats. 

Things To Know To Get Legendary Inventory

Here are some tips to get the legendary inventory in destiny Two Xur

Make sure about Xur’s inventory every weekend as inventory changes. Thus, it is essential to check it regularly. It is because that one doesn’t know when there is a need for legendary inventory. 

It is necessary to be prepared to spend strange coins as one needs to have when buying something. One can get strange coins after completing activities in Destiny 2. 

Xur sells engrams which can be decoded into legendary and exotic items. It is also an excellent way to get new gear, even though it is a bit of a gamble. 

Things That Are Worth Buying Destiny 2 For

The players who play Destiny W2 may be familiar with Xur, the weekly exotic-item merchant who arrives at the week’s end. Knowing where one hundred-earned Strange Coins are best spent is problematic if the person is a casual player. Xur is near the Vanguard vendors in the Tower this weekend. Since the weekly heroic strike is gone, there is no longer a guaranteed consistent source of coins, but coins are common from crucible matches and stricks. Level 28 Prison on Elders is one of the reliable sources of coins. The weekend xur’s inventory includes an insurmountable skull fort, legacy weapon engram, claws of Ahamkara, exotic glove engram, and knucklehead radar.

What Time Xur Come And Leave In Destiny 2

Xur is only obtainable from Friday, Tuesday, and Friday at six pm BST to Tuesday sim pm. Friday at 10 a.m. PT to Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT. Friday at one pm ET to Tuesday at one pm ET. He disappears at the exact time as the Destiny 2 weekly reset, so the players have to search for him weekly to find out what rare items he sells each week. After Xur’s arrival, the players must search for him in three locations that Xur picks randomly each week. He will remain in the exact location whenever he appears on Friday and for three days, up to Tuesday. 


Xur, an agent of the nine and vendor in Destiny 2, sells exotic and legendary items for legendary shards. As said earlier, he appears on the weekends between noon on Friday and noon on Tuesday. Most importantly, his location changes every time; he can occur in the public sector of any of the four worlds, either in Nessus, the European Dead Zone, Titan or the Tower. He can be anywhere as he shows up. The Destiny 2 xur updates every week where he exactly appears, so there is no need to search for him.

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