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Difference Between Fat Burner and Pre-Workout Supplements

  • December 26, 2021
  • 3 min read
Difference Between Fat Burner and Pre-Workout Supplements

Working out is a lot of work, especially when you have a lot of weight to lose or an intense amount of muscle to build. This is the primary reason why some people are looking into using supplements more. There are different types of supplements and some of the most popular ones are pre-workout and fat burners. However, they are different. How different you might ask? Let’s delve into that.

What Is A Fat Burner Supplement And How Does It Work?

There are different types of supplements and if you are new to the industry, it is easy to get confused or lost in the melee.

A fat burner is a plant-based supplement that is also packed with other ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and more that are aimed at helping the body burn off the extra fat. Fat burners have a pretty bad rap but it is mostly because people think it is some sort of a magic pill, which is not how it works.

They cannot burn the fat by themselves, you also have to eat well and work out to get to the goal you want. According to Legion Athletics, “Stubborn” fat is a very real phenomenon, and while it ultimately yields to regular exercise and proper diet, it can take its sweet, sweet time.”

The way that fat burners work is through a mix of key ingredients called thermogenic. These ingredients make up the thermogenic, which stimulate the body’s metabolic rate such that your body burns calories at a higher rate than normal, even when the body is at rest.

Most fat burners contain conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), green tea, capsaicin, chromium, carnitine and so much more.

These supplements are not meant to work alone, but they certainly help get your metabolism back in order if you are feeling sluggish or help you acquire a ripped body if you are competing.

What Is A Pre-Workout Supplement And How Does It Work?

On the other hand, a pre-workout fat burner is a supplement, usually in powder form that is usually added to drinks taken before a workout session. These supplements help to build endurance, increase stamina, increase your energy levels and help you work out harder for a longer period. This can be taken either before a routine at the gym or a sport.

These usually contain caffeine, nitric oxide boosters, creatine, Branched Amino Acids and so much more.

These formulas are designed for athletes who need a boost before brutal training sessions, those who hit the gym early in the morning, or those football or hockey players who need a boost.

Differences Between Fat Burner And Pre-Workout Supplements

Fat burners are taken frequently throughout the day as opposed to pre-workout supplements that are taken only before workout sessions.

As mentioned, pre-workout supplements come in powder form while fat burners are usually tablets that are swallowed multiple times during the day.

While they might look similar and contain similar ingredients, pre-workout supplements contain an anchor ingredient like caffeine meant to increase your body energy for an intense workout session, fat burners will contain ingredients meant to support any fitness journey you are on and not just your exercises.

If you are stuck and do not know what to choose for your fitness journey, set goals first and then choose the best path to follow from there. You can also ask experts like Legion Athletics.

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