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Electric Vehicle Design Course – What is It?

  • July 14, 2022
  • 4 min read
Electric Vehicle Design Course – What is It?

As discussed widely, the embedded systems industry is set to be one of the most significant markets worth billions in a couple of years, purely due to the immense investment in Artificial Intelligence and information technology. The more people use autonomous and semi-autonomous products, which require lesser and lesser human intervention to materialise work previously done manually, the more we expose and increase markets to embedded systems. 

From grocery shopping to mechanics, industrial equipment to touch-sensitive medical sensors, loudspeakers, and vending machines to autonomous vehicles and robots, all extensively incorporate embedded systems to provide for different user interfaces and peripheral controls. Embedding systems are imperative to the latest developments, design, manufacturing, and selling of most products imaginable with automated features. Microcontrollers and microprocessors are vital in the link with the outside world, which helps a user make use of these highly adaptable embedded systems.

How Embedded Systems Help Vehicles Function?

Since the time embedded systems have been incorporated into the automobile industry like the long-standing missing piece to a jigsaw, the staggering growth observed in the industry is astounding. The automobile industry contributes almost 7% financially to the country’s gross domestic product and recruits and employs about 19 million people. The multi-utility vehicles, small and big auto components, are a product of the whopping rise in sales and purchase of technology. 

  • As more and more equipment in the automobile industry change from mechanical or manual to electrical and automatic, there is no going back to older systems from the functionality and comfort achieved from the novel techniques of Embedded systems.
  • Some embedded system features are an automatic braking system (ABS that avoids multiple road traction mishaps) in bikes and cars, sensory airbags that prevent jerks and injuries in crashes and accidents, an anti-lock braking system, and automatic parking. 
  • Off-roading is easier with power steering, traction control, and cruise control. The infotainment inside a vehicle is all due to radar controls established by embedded systems- in the form of radio satellite radio, telematics, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, speakers, and other information storing entities and other in-vehicle entertainment systems. 
  • The navigational centre of the vehicle is an embedded system that consists of a GPS receiver, a gyroscope, a DVD-ROM, the central controller, and a display system.
  • Other controls inducted by the hundreds of mini-computers working and facilitating are features like Pollution sensitive emission control, a rear-view camera fitted with collision sensors, additional in-built navigational systems, climate-sensitive air-conditioning, and heating, etc.

Embedded Systems and Electric Vehicle Design Course- Features and Learning

The embedded course in the electrical vehicle designing course ideates the classic version of learning:

  •  Electric Vehicle sector key aspects and visions of the sector in a short time.
  •  Primary roles and responsibilities in a greener and cleaner world
  •  Importance of Electric Vehicles, Customer needs, ergonomic features, and Battery Management System, 
  • Electric Vehicle Ecosystem – how adversely or positively the vehicles affect the ecosystem and the prospects in the automobile industry
  • Hands-on training on most contemporary topics on energy efficiency and Electric Vehicle sectors.
  • These courses also elaborate on Customer needs and BMS
  • Reason for preference of EV Vehicles over IC Engines. 
  • One learns about the critical components like motor and batteries, types of batteries used, Battery Management systems, and Telematics.
  • An immediate and urgent need to transform from fossil fuel to cleaner forms of energy.
  • These certification courses are available online with prices ranging from INR 1299 to 1599


As the world looks eagerly into new prospects after learning the harmful effects of the existing practices, the embedded system, besides offering user comfort and ease, also takes huge strides in the direction o pollution control and environmental well-being. People are eager to learn more, gain proficiency in these subjects, and contribute certainly to the industry’s growth in the noble direction. These certification courses are surely a feather in the cap, and the learning creates awareness and cognizance, which never goes to waste.

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