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Ergonomics and Office furniture essentials

  • September 6, 2022
  • 4 min read
Ergonomics and Office furniture essentials

Working from home was the new normal until a few months ago in Melbourne. Companies must create a workable office environment as the world gradually returns to traditional office work structures in Melbourne. An office’s productivity also benefits from having the right office furniture in Melbourne. Office dividers, storage options, and smartboards are worthwhile investments, but the right ones will depend on your company’s needs. Every office needs a few classic pieces of furniture, and you’ll see some examples in this guide. 

Tables and Seating 

Workplace essentials like comfortable desk chairs and proper desks are a must. Since workers in Melbourne will be spending a lot of time in them, it’s essential to ensure they’re comfortable, well-made, and attractive. A desk for your office in Melbourne is more than just a flat surface supported by four legs of wood or metal. Because of the importance of this area to the employee’s productivity, it should be selected with care. 

An ergonomic design is a must-have, whether for a traditional office or an office room. You spend a lot of time sitting in the office, which can lead to various back issues. To avoid this, businesses may want to invest in ergonomic chairs for their staff, encouraging healthy sitting habits and protecting the lower back. Lumbar support is also critical. To prevent back pain and postural issues from prolonged sitting, choose chairs with lumbar support and back width of between 12 and 19 inches for the office. 


Every office should have whiteboards or interactive whiteboards. They are great for group discussions, visualising projects, and monitoring the team’s progress. You can confidently use them in any conference room or client waiting area. 

Screens for Offices 

Most modern designers in Melbourne prefer open floor plans because of the increased productivity and efficiency they bring to the workplace. Consider purchasing office dividers as an alternative to building permanent walls. Office partitions come in various materials and designs, allowing you to create a space perfect for you. Glass partitions are a great choice if you’re trying to bring more light into a dark office. They’ll help the inside look more impressive and inviting. Conference room dividers are a crucial piece of office equipment. They facilitate a healthy work-life balance by providing quiet spaces for both solo work and group projects. They should be part of any office furniture inventory you plan. 

The first thing visitors to your Melbourne office will see is your reception desk. You shouldn’t feel obligated to purchase a shiny new reception desk. However, it needs to fit in with the rest of the office and reflect your company’s values. 

Offices with large reception desks can make a great first impression, but leaving enough room for staff and visitors to move around is essential. Correct desk height is another crucial aspect to consider. You want a 90-degree angle between the surface and your employees’ elbows to work comfortably. So long as they have that, they won’t have to worry about the nagging pain in their shoulders and back that has been hindering their productivity. 

What are the essential pieces of office furniture? 

While the values and aesthetics of each company are bound to be different, a few staples of office furniture in Melbourne should be present in any workplace. It is imperative to have ergonomic chairs or desks, lounge furniture, office partitions, or intelligent boards to foster creativity and teamwork. It’s essential to design your workplace to be comfortable for various people. You’ll be able to make a lot more money and have many more happy employees if you consider all of these.

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