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ESO Sorcerer Class Beginner Guide

  • August 16, 2021
  • 6 min read
ESO Sorcerer Class Beginner Guide

The ESO Sorcerer class is one of the magic-based classes in Elder Scrolls Online. They use elements of the world like lightning bolts and tornadoes to damage enemies.

The Sorcerer represents the classic archetype of the Wheel but with a unique twist from The Elder Scrolls. Mages in ESO are tied to elemental damage, specifically lightning damage abilities, but they also have access to some darker types of magic, including Deadric Calloning to summon creatures from other levels of existence.

With the right design, it can be one of the toughest classes in the game. The ability to summon pets to help them in battle makes them even more deadly.

The ESO Sorcerer has lower and weaker armour than other classes, but the damage can be much higher. They typically equip a crew and deal damage via area of effect attacks and debuffs to their enemies.

Sorcerers can be one of the best individual or group classes in the game, depending on your preferred play style. Their access to powerful damage shields and summoned creatures makes them especially powerful on a character that focuses on magic, while there are defensive abilities and built-in speed that make them so strong for a sword or bow that focuses on stamina. you can enhance your playing style by accessing useful ESO Gold & ESO items. Sorcerer is a very flexible and popular class in ESO that can perform almost every role. Some are of course better than others. You can read more about the chapters in The Elder Scrolls online here.

Why Choose Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is a very friendly category for beginners why you can complete almost all the contents easily. Magicka Sorcerer will especially help to defeat all kinds of enemies, with the help of many daédricas pets. Because of its ability to summon and command pets, Magicka Sorcerer is the closest to a summoner class in Elder Scrolls Online.

But even if you do not like this kind of game, Magicka Sorcerer can be powerful without also using their pets. This track is also ideal for pure individual players looking for a class that is as robust and flexible enough to address the content more difficult on your own. Magicka relies primarily on class skills to create structures and, to a lesser extent, other skill lines.

The stamina Sorcerer, on the other hand, is more of a weapons expert ESO Sorcerer class. He can successfully use quite a few class skills and relies mostly on weapon skills depending on his preference. Despite this, the Stamina wizard can be very powerful and fun to play.

So in terms of PVE, Magicka and Stamina Sorcerers can be a great option for attack games, to create Damage Dealers characters. Magicka Sorcerer should also be your first choice for single-player, thanks to his many offensives and defensive tools.

ESO Sorcerer Skills

Before we talk about the most important skills of a Sorcerer, you must decide what kind of magician want to play! Magicka on the basis or on the basis of Stamina. This will determine what kind of gameplay and transformations must choose skills as you level.

Raising the level of a Sorcerer and his abilities is like raising the level of any other ESO Sorcerer class in the game. There are several ways to level up quickly and efficiently, such as grinding XP in specific locations, removing dolmens, and completing the content of the group.

The Sorcerer has three unique skill lines with skills suitable for each role in the game. Magicka Sorcerer makes more use of class skills, but stamina is also based on Sorcerer some of them to create a powerful structure. The ESO Sorcerer Class Skill lines are:

  • Dark magic, mainly for protection, defense and preservation of spells.
  • Daedric Summoning, with pets to attract attention, attack and heal.
  • Storm Calling, with hit-based damage and support spells

Weapon Skills

Magicka Sorcerer can trust your skills class to create a powerful PVE or PVP construction. There are some skills with weapons that can also be used mainly demolition lines.

With overwhelming shock and pulsating force, Shock Force transformations can be extremely flammable separate. The wall elements and their transformations are essential for AOE attacks, which depletes the help of Elemental in a game for one player. Finally, Storm Elemental Ultimate masks and the like are powerful enough to be used in PVE or PVP. you can use ESO gold for improvement materials

Stamina Sorcerer is slightly different and depends more on the capabilities of the weapon to achieve success. Depending on your weapon preferred, or a double shield, or two arms, or bracket, you can use some of their skills Kkabl for ignition or increase the damage.


Sorcerer spends most of their attribute points by increasing their magical abilities, allowing a larger magical pool to be spent to cast various spells and abilities. Magic is very important to a Sorcerer who has a Daedric summon, as summoning minions reduces the maximum amount of magic. A small amount of stamina is also very useful, especially for dark magic Sorcerer, as the dark swap ability can transform a pool of stamina into health and magic.

Recommended Races

The Dark Elves, Bretons, and High Elves are among the most famous wizards. They are skilled casters and are better suited to wizards due to the many spell bonuses and wizard damage, but by no means do you have to choose any of these races. Race choice in no way limits your choice of skill trees or directs you to a particular playstyle, so simply choose the race that you think looks the same.

Overall, Sorcerer can be one of the best individual or group lessons of the game depending on the game style you prefer. Their access to powerful damage shields and summoned creatures makes them especially powerful on a character that focuses on magic, while there are defensive abilities and built-in speed that make them so strong for a sword or bow that focuses on stamina.

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