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Exploring the Best of Dubai’s Nightlife: A Detailed Guide

  • January 19, 2023
  • 5 min read
Exploring the Best of Dubai’s Nightlife: A Detailed Guide

The United Arab Emirates is an exemplary Muslim nation. However, many individuals erroneously believe that stricter rules than in the West have made Dubai’s nightlife nonexistent. But if one wants to truly enjoy themselves in night in Dubai, they should definitely go to Super 20 Indian Mujra bar in Dubai.

  • When can one party at Dubai’s nightclubs?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) typically observes a Sunday-through-Thursday workweek. Consequently, Thursdays in Dubai are equivalent to Fridays everywhere else. Thus, Thursdays and Fridays are peak opening and business days for the majority of Indian nightclub hotels in Dubai.

The practice of throwing women-only parties at hotels and nightclubs in Dubai, the most popular destination in the United Arab Emirates, seems to be gaining pace. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are allocated for ladies’ nights, and most places provide free appetizers and drinks to women who attend.

  • Learn More About the Nightlife in Dubai

Don’t forget to bring your identification with you, since Dubai has strict age restrictions for anyone under 21.

In addition, only a limited number of locations are legally able to offer alcohol due to a variety of licensing laws. No one will be permitted to carry alcohol or other drinks outside of hotels or clubs for consumption.

The police in Dubai will not tolerate drunk or disorderly revelers, so please be considerate of others and behave accordingly. They have trust in you since tens of thousands of people similar to you achieve every week.

Take a cab home so you don’t have to walk home crashing into walls and risk getting stopped by police.

  • When do Dubai’s nightclubs open?

Clubs in Dubai are typically open between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. In Dubai, clubs are not permitted to remain open beyond 3 am unless they have a special license for event nights, in which case they may remain open until 4 am.

Dress codes at Dubai’s nightclubs are comparable to those in other large cities. Entry will be denied to anybody wearing shorts or jeans. While men are expected to dress nicely, they may also dress informally if they so want.

In Dubai, you must enter in pairs since there is a stringent restriction prohibiting big groups in the hotel bars and nightclubs. If you are denied entry due to being too loud or rude, do not be shocked.

Dubai’s nightlife destinations will be addressed next. This article analyses the greatest rooftop bars and lounges in Dubai, including Tashan, Super20, and Tsunami. The remaining beaches are Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina, and Nasimi Beach.

The Scene of Celebration at Jumeirah Beach Residence

  • The BiCE Sky Bar

The BiCE Sky Bar is situated on the 10th floor of the Hilton. This pub’s Italian cuisine and large wine and beverage selection are not to be missed. Here is your best chance for a bar with a breath-taking view of Bluewaters Island, The Palm, and JBR. The enchanted splendour of the Walk at night.

The restaurant’s trendy atmosphere makes it perfect for a romantic evening with superb food, drinks, and a view. The Ristorante at BiCE is renowned for its genuine Italian food, and the Sky Bar is an ideal place to relax with a drink. This link is for making reservations.

  • Bliss Lounge, located at the Sheraton

The Sheraton Hotel on The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence is their first destination, and its location could not be more suitable for their very first random selection: Bliss Lounge. Even better, this upmarket beach club’s dance floor flows out onto the stunning white beaches of Jumeirah Beach, with views of the surrounding Bluewaters Island.

Bliss Lounge is a cocktail bar with all-night house music, making it the perfect place to relax with loved ones over a drink or two. In addition, children are welcome until 10 p.m.

Saturdays are “gents night,” during which guys may get house beverages with mixers for 25 AED. Wednesdays at Bliss Lounge are ladies’ nights.

  • Inner City Zoo

A nightclub known as Inner City Zoo may also be found inside the premises of the Rixos Premium Hotel. This hotspot in JBR is known for being a location where customers can let free and have a good time, and it has earned that reputation through the years. The urban rhythm section cheers enthusiastically for the Inner City Girls the whole night through as they perform. In a manner similar to this, the nights of Wednesday and Tuesday are often packed with women.

The club has an excellent layout, with a number of comfortable sitting areas that are perfect for chit-chat and drinking as well as a vibrant dance floor for those who would rather be on the move. 

  • JBR Walk

Although there is a Locked, Stock, and Rack in Barsha Heights, people’s preferred spot is The Walk on JBR. This company specialises in hosting entertaining bar parties with top-notch live music and sporting events on TV.

In addition, Lock, Stock, and Barrel JBR provide high-quality street food from across the globe, as well as an extensive selection of beverages to suit every taste. This bar boasts the greatest crowd in town if you’re looking to have a good time. The bar is located around midway down The Walk, inside the Rixos Premium Hotel.

  • Stereo Arcade

This club, housed inside the Double Tree by Hilton, is ideal for infrequent clubgoers. Is that what I just stated about those who sometimes visit nightclubs? The vibe is a mix of club and chill hangout. It is a disco with antique tables packed with drinks and glasses, as well as neon signs directing to the dance floor.


On the weekends, Stereo Arcade has some of the best resident DJs in all of JBR, amplifying the music and atmosphere. In addition, they feature a retro arcade where you can play famous games from the 1980s and 1990s, Mortal Combat and Pac-Man while sipping beverages. The most popular musical genres are R&B and Hip Hop.

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