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Hamraaz mp8.gov.in: All Info At One Place

  • February 26, 2024
  • 6 min read
Hamraaz mp8.gov.in: All Info At One Place

Hamraaz mp8.gov.in is an website which is specifically designed for the army professionals of India in order to make their financial details easier. As many professionals are not able to get their financial details.  So, this is a perfect website in which users can store their various information and they can also extract them whenever they want to.

Overview Of Hamraaz mp8.gov.in

The Indian government has taken a lot of significant measures for the welfare and empowerment of its soldiers. The Hamraaz mp8.gov.in with its an app called Hamraaz launched in August ,2016 which contains lots of features that are very helpful and useful  for the Indian Army forces .

The application was designed in order to enhance communication , offer essential services and to provide administrative support to soldiers. The main goal of this application is to reduce the need for paper work and encourage soldiers to handle tasks properly. This application also provides users with high security features such as two factor authentication and encrypted storage . 

Salient Features Of Hamraaz mp8.gov.in

Hamraaz website contains lots of amazing features which are very beneficial for the users. The features are given below:

  • One of the best features is the pay and service module which enables users to access their monthly salary slips and service related information. 
  • It also provides the soldiers to view and track information of their superior and can also apply for leave and they can also receive important notification directly on their mobile phones.
  • It also decreases the burden on administrative staff 
  • Provides essential helpline numbers , emergency services and ensures that the soldiers are able to get immediate access whenever they need.
  • All the transactions are secured .
  • Using two factor authentication , this website allows only authorized users to access their account without any risk of fraud.

Steps To Sign Up In Hamraaz website

In order to sign up in Hamraaz website , you must following eligibility criteria :

  • First you should be a citizen of India 
  • Second, you must have a valid PAN card.
  • Your PAN card should be linked with your mobile number.
  • You should have proper information about your job and position.

If you have passed all this criteria , then you can sign up vin Hamraaz website by following the steps given below:

  1. First go to the Hamraaz website i.e. hamraaz mp8.gov.in.
  2. Then you must provide your personal information such as name , mobile number and email address
  3. And when your account has been created then you can access it through the login portal and complete your registration.
  4. Now you have to create a username and password 
  5. You should ensure that you give a strong password .
  6. After completing this , you have to enter additional details such as date of birth and address .

And if you are a valid user , then you can register on the website.

Hamraaz mp8.gov.in Login Process

Once you have registered on Hamraaz website. Now you can login into Hamraaz website.

There are two types of logins are available on the website 

  1. Admin login
  2. Personal login

The admin login is used for the administrative purposes whereas the personal login is used by the individuals.

Here are the steps of personal login:

  • Visit the official website of Hamraaz and click on the personal login.
  • Now provide your username and password .
  • Next enter the captcha provided on the screen and submit details to log in.

After you have logged in then you can see all your necessary details such as payslips and others

Forgot Password

We keep changing the password and also need help in remembering it . But that’s not the end of the world. You can recover the password easily through the Forgot password option on the website f. Let’s check the steps :

  •  Visit  Hamraaz login page to find the ”Forgot Password” option.
  •  click on the forgot password option, then the new page will open.
  •  Then , you have to enter the PAN Card number in capital letters.
  • Next, you have to enter the captcha code provided on the screen.
  • After that, you will be asked some of the security questions, which were asked during registration.
  • After that, you can create a new password.

Benefits Of Hamraaz mp8.gov.in

There are many benefits of using this government portal . Benefits are given below:

  • This website provides a new way for the soldiers to manage their financial data in a secure manner.
  • The users can easily store their financial information and can also track all their transactions in one place .
  • This platform provides you with the highest security features.
  • Users can easily access their bank accounts and credit cards and can store important documents like property paper or life insurance policy.
  • It also provides some detailed analytics which helps you make better budgeting decisions .
  • This government portal also provides their users automatic payments for paying bills and transferring money or funds between accounts in just one click.

Services Offered By Hamraaz mp8.gov.in

There are many services provided by the Hamraaz mp8.gov.in website . Here are the services given below:

  • It provides the Indian Army access to some essential services.
  • These services are mainly provided to the ministry of defense which help them to keep track of their pension, salary and other benefits.
  • It also offers some amazing features for the users of armed forces.
  • It has a feature of ‘Ask an Expert’ where the user can take the help from the expert in any personal or professional matter.
  • It also provides some educational counseling services . In which they can use it for applying for transfers and promotion . And they also purchased some defense related products with some exclusive discounts.


In the end , Hamraaz website is very beneficial for the Indian Army soldiers. As it provides many services to the armed forces. And if you want to contact Humraaz website then you can use Hamraaz customer care 9560641424 and it also provides an email address- Hamraaz@gmail.com


All the details that are provided here about Hamraaz website are for informational purposes and in no way do we encourage the usage of third party platforms or privacy . Instead we recommend our users to access legal and safe platforms.

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