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How Technology Has Helped Humanity Fight Covid-19 Challenges?

  • August 12, 2021
  • 3 min read
How Technology Has Helped Humanity Fight Covid-19 Challenges?

From time and again pandemics have troubled the human race, but humans have always found a way out.  The unexpected disease has affected millions of lives all over the world. Since 2019 we are fighting COVID-19 and thanks to technology for making challenges easy. Technology cannot eliminate the Covid-19 virus but has helped us in warning, educating, preventing the spread of the virus, and also empowering our front-line warriors. Today the technologies like high-speed internet, smartphones, applications like Facebook, Indian Social media, drones, and any other innovations have kept us safe in many ways. Few areas where technology played an imperative role are: 

Tracking with facial recognition

We are fighting a disease that is spread from one human to another and when it comes to pandemic management then big data analytics that has added instantly in recognizing individuals who are infected helps in connecting with the infected and tracking them and establishing contact with them.  With facial recognition system got accurate data even if they were wearing a mask. This technology also helped in finding people who were breaking the rules.

Finding vital medications and drugs

The first thing we humans need to fight pandemics is a cure or vaccination that can prevent it.  The entire world is looking for a cure and how to control Coronavirus. Technology has helped in finding drugs and suggesting components of the vaccine. Technology is helping researchers in many ways such as understanding the viral protein structure, preparing researchers at a high pace. Technology like artificial intelligence has helped in predicting 3D structure, scaling map of virus that affects humans.

Contactless deliveries

In corona times we have seen many innovations like robots, drones, self-driving cars that have helped in avoiding human contact. High tech vehicles have helped many affected patients transportation to the healthcare facilities safely.  All these technologies are being used to prevent risks for healthy lives.  Drones were used to deliver groceries, medications, and other necessities to senior citizens and the ones in need. Even spraying disinfectants is done with the use of technology like robots and autonomous vehicles.

Fighting fake news

Misinformation is one thing that we have another challenge to fight along with Coronavirus. There is tons of fake news and misinformation circulating related to treatment options, diagnosis, fatalities, government policies, medicines, etc. Fake news creates havoc and threatens many lives. The result of fake news is panic, unnecessary buying of utilities, violence, price rise, conspiracy theories, discrimination, and many more on the list. To fight fake news platforms like YouTube, Indian Social Media, Google are working day and night to guide people in the right direction. By making things transparent people are informed about the right things that they need to follow in Corona times.

Today the entire world is at risk and has taken the lives of many. We don’t know what is coming in the future, but we know how to get prepared for it with the technologies by our side. There is no doubt that technology has played a vital role in fighting many challenges that came along with COVID-19.

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