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How to Choose a Handyman for Your Home Repairs

  • July 18, 2022
  • 5 min read
How to Choose a Handyman for Your Home Repairs

If you want to be confident in the work being done on your home or your business premises, whether it’s general maintenance or repairs after some kind of catastrophe, you may need to hire a handyman. And, you must be able to rely on them and trust them. Unfortunately, finding the right person isn’t always the easiest task, so it can take a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, no matter how anxious you are to finish everything, it’s important to search for a reputable handyman. 

A handyman is a multi-skilled person who can complete a wide range of repairs or home improvement tasks. A handyman usually charges by the hour, plus material costs, and may be able to do everything from basic household repairs to outdoor construction A handyman is loosely defined with some believing that it applies to those who have self-taught skills while others suggest they have been trained in construction or home repair.  

Many homeowners hire handymen to help them spot issues around the house. Or they may choose to hire one because of their expertise in specific areas such as painting, carpentry, and tiling. These are all great options, but keep in mind that some handymen have skills that go beyond the basics, like plumbing and electrical work. Don’t forget to do your homework before hiring one to ensure that they have the skills required to finish your project.

Check if They Are Properly Insured

Typically, there aren’t many standards or regulations for handymen, but licensing and regulation may vary by state. Nevertheless, even though for some jobs they may not need a license, you should always make sure that they have a good handyman insurance policy. These types of policies don’t only protect the person paying for them but also other parties involved, such as those that have hired them. For instance, it will protect you in case something goes wrong, and the handyman is injured on your property.

Check if They Can Legally Do the Job You Need

Before hiring a handyman, you should define the scope of work. Write down a list of all home repairs you need to be done. For some small jobs like fixing light fixtures, patching drywall, and interior painting, your handyman may not need any type of license or permit. However, if the job is more serious, and you need an expert like a plumber or an electrician, you should make sure that the person you are hiring is licensed to perform those tasks. 

Keep in mind that if you hire an unlicensed professional to do plumbing or electrical work on your property, then you won’t be able to make any sort of claim if there are any issues with the work. For example, your homeowner’s insurance or commercial property insurance may become void if your work isn’t completed to a high standard due to the inexperience of the individuals involved. 

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Learn About Their Previous Projects 

To make sure you find the best possible person for your project, it’s worth doing some research. Shop around and talk to a few people about their experience with the handyman you are thinking about hiring. Try to find homeowners they’ve worked for beforehand. Find out what their skills and previous work experience are before hiring them. Ask around about their work, as well as their communication skills, and read reviews, if there are any.

Get the Important Details in Writing

To make sure that everything goes smoothly, specify in writing what you’ll provide, what your handyman will provide, how much it will cost and when will the payment happen. State when they will start and finish the project. When interviewing contractors and handymen, make certain to discuss guarantees. Many will offer a guarantee of their work for at least one year as a part of their service. Be sure to clarify before agreeing with them. 

Check Everything Before Paying

Make sure you are satisfied with your handyman’s work and the results. Also, you should make sure that there are no additional charges, and that nothing is under-delivered. Ensure that you’re happy with all aspects of the job and that it matches what was agreed on beforehand.


Handymen are individuals who can offer different types of services, some more complicated than others. Who you should hire, may depend on many things, but most importantly on the reason why you are looking for one a handyman. This is why, first and foremost, you should consider the type of job and skill level the particular task requires from the person who will perform it. Depending on the complexity of the tasks, they may need specific licenses or permits, and in most cases, they should be covered by the proper insurance policy.

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