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How To Conduct A Successful HOA Election 

  • June 12, 2023
  • 3 min read
How To Conduct A Successful HOA Election 

HOA elections can be messy and chaotic. Like all other US elections, HOA elections are based on democracy and are free and fair. It is important that people make this choice carefully because the chosen board members make decisions that affect the community and the well-being of its members. But first, an HOA must know how to hold an election. 

Elections are complicated when conducted on high levels, and many things can go wrong, especially when handled by an experienced team or individual. Hiring management services is the perfect way to ensure things go as planned. Get in touch with an HOA management service company and lower your burden about the elections. 

Tips for conducting a successful HOA election 

  1. Set some ground rules. 

An election is not an election without a set of ground rules in place. And you must ensure that everyone follows these rules. An election is meaningless without people adhering to the rules. These rules should be laid out in the community’s governing documents, and every homeowner should have access to them. 

These rules should provide information about how the elections will be held, when and how the homeowners will be informed about it, who is eligible to vote, etc.

  1. Determine who is eligible to vote. 

Before the election nominees are chosen, who is eligible to run for the seat must be established, and which members are eligible to vote. Most homeowners associations allow one board member per unit and one vote per unit. It is usually the homeowners who comprise the team of board members. To be eligible, they should follow the rules and regulations, have no debt to the HOA, and should think about the HOA’s best interests rather than their own. 

  1. Get the community interested. 

Spread the word about the HOA elections, particularly during the weeks following up to the board of members elections. Make sure to let them know before the time that an important event related to the HOA is coming up and that they should be excited. Inform each homeowner about the running candidates and who is voting. You can say goodbye to a successful HOA election without an enthusiastic community. 

  1. Team up with an HOA management company. 

Handling HOA elections, spreading the word, knowing the law, and adhering to it is not easy. Moreover, the board members are typically homeowners with their own jobs and families that they need to make time for. They do not always have the time or ability to handle such pressure. An HOA management company can take the pressure off. 

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