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How to Create an Ideal Hangar That Best Suits your Needs?

  • September 4, 2022
  • 5 min read
How to Create an Ideal Hangar That Best Suits your Needs?

One must utilize the space well and if you have decided to build a hanger on your own that is a great idea. There are many reasons why you are building a hanger. Some are you have a collection of small planes, you have a plane or you need an added airstrip. You can build a hanger in a small place connected to your home. You can build an aircraft hanger with a hangar kit and this will do the job. If you have a plane you cannot keep it outside. To protect your beloved plane you will surely need a hanger. It will protect the plane from all the harmful elements that it will be exposed to if kept outside.  When your plane is not in use you can keep it inside the hanger and save its pretty look.

Before you go for it there are some things that you must know about building a hanger on your own.  There are two options: you can do it on your own or get professional help. If you are building on your own there are kits available and you just have to construct it on your own. It is not difficult to build a hanger on your own if you know how to do it and have the essentials in hand. Here are the outlines that you need to know.

Decide a location

The first thing you will need is a perfect location because every state is having federal planning requirements and you must fulfill them by the law. Check your state federal and you can also get help from the manufacturing aircraft hangars company. They are already familiar with the state requirements. They can also help you with the design, kits, and other basic requirements like terrain categories, wind ratings, etc.  It will be good to take their help if you are totally unaware of hanger building and location requirements.

What is the need for a hanger?

If you think people use hangers just for parking their planes, then you are wrong. People even live in the hangar which is a great idea. If you are living in a remote area and need a big space or planning an event for the night hanger will be a good idea.  You can add as much as you like for instance a balcony, and mezzanine floors and can increase the functionality of the hanger. It can become a great living space.  If you are also the one who maintains your plane on your own, then you will need lots of storage space. You can also add a workshop to your hanger. If you are a pilot instructor it will be a great place to give your students lessons. You can use your hanger as a teaching space.

Choose your design

We are living in 2022 where we have the technology and lots of expertise. There is a varied type of materials and manufacturers with hangar kits. You can get anything like the style and type you need.  You can also get a custom build hanger so you must know about the design in your mind.  Things you will need to be clear about are

·         The size of the aircraft that will be parked

·         How many planes do you  have

·         What type of door do you need like rolling or sliding

·         What is the other purpose behind  parking the plane

·         Will it be permanent or temporary

Once you are clear about all these considerations you can get a kit that you will need to build a hanger of your own choice.  Do not miss the future requirements in case you will be growing.

Your interior organization

Now you are clear about the design, the next thing is the planning of your interiors. Planning interiors means how you are going to store the plane inside the hanger. There are different formations in which the plane is stored. Decide the floor plan and how you are going to park the plane back to back or side to side. There is a hangar formation used mostly which gives an extra room.

Final step construction

Construction is the biggest step because even the basic type will need careful consideration.  Do not forget every detail like exit and entry points, electricity for power tools, lighting that will be integrated into the structure, and compressed air lines. Include all this in the design phase. To get the best hanger it is advised to take expert assistance. They are the right ones for the job and can help you with each step whether it is designing or constructing.

At Coastal Steel Structures, you can buy the right type of hangar kit and custom-made aircraft hangar. They have the experience and expertise when it comes to hanger design and construction. For superior options, you can approach them.

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