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How to Enjoy Your Nintendo 3DS on a Large Screen

  • June 15, 2022
  • 3 min read
How to Enjoy Your Nintendo 3DS on a Large Screen

Playing Nintendo games on the big screen makes the experience much more enjoyable, and Nintendo mastered versatility when they released the Switch. However, not everyone has the available funds to shell out for a new console, and they love their trusty Nintendo 3DS. If you’re feeling slightly retro and want to experience your classic games on the TV, you can, and we will tell you how. 

What You Will Need

The process is relatively simple, but you will need to make sure that you get your hands on a couple of components first, including a quality laptop or monitor (these Lenovo curved gaming monitors are great), a 3DS to TV adaptor, and a 3DS HDMI cable; we assume that you’ve already got your hands on the handled gaming device.

The “How To” Part

This part is extremely simple, and all you will need to do is unbox your 3DS capture device (HDMI adapter) and plug it into the side of your device. With this in place, you can attach your HDMI cable to the TV as you would with any other device. Finally, find the right source on the TV and power up your Nintendo 3DS. You should now be able to play your favorite Nintendo games on the big screen, in an identical way to the Switch.

3DS to TV Adapter Benefits

Playing on a handheld device is convenient for those days when we need to travel or we want to curl up in bed under the sheets. However, it can become tiring with the constant need to focus on the small screen, not to mention the potential headaches from the angled and vertical ridges. Playing the games on the TV, via the HDMI, will make the display appear crystal clear, which is a bonus. If you are on the move and still wish to play your 3DS on a larger screen, simply take a laptop with you to achieve the same goals.

Safety Concerns

Some people may be concerned about destroying their devices, by plugging into a TV and displaying a larger output. However, there’s no need to be concerned, these adapters were created with one job – to let you play your small screen devices on the larger screen. However, if you want to get a greater experience and smoother performance from your 3DS to HDMI play, you should use a capture card.

Further Considerations

The Nintendo Switch has been out for just over 5 years now, and the price sits reasonably at around $299. Keeping in mind that the 3DS has been about for over a decade, it’s expected that support for the device would end, and physical hardware sales have. However, the 3DS eShop has remained open but will close its doors in March 2023.

Playing your 3DS on a larger screen is easy, and you won’t need to spend a lot. However, the Nintendo Switch will do the same job with a crystal clear picture, and the device will be future-proof.

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