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How to get the most puffs out of your electric rig

  • August 12, 2021
  • 5 min read
How to get the most puffs out of your electric rig

How many of you have tried an electric rig but couldn’t get the same feel as a regular pipe? We know it’s not the same. But some tips can help you out! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to get the most puffs out of your electric rig.

What Is An Electric Dab Rig?

An electric rig uses a battery and some heating element to heat your concentrates, so you don’t have to use a blow torch. They usually are handheld.

The whole point of an electric dab rig is it takes all the hassle out of handling a torch while trying to rip dabs. It’s also designed with safety in mind because you never have to worry about things coming into contact with your flame or hot nail. Usually, they come with built-in glass gauges (sometimes called domes) that make it easy for you to see how much concentration you’ve loaded on the nail before firing up. You can save yourself from smoking too much by seeing how much concentrate is left in the dome.

Most electric rigs come with a decent-sized bowl so you can rip dabs while taking hits without having to reload too often. Electric dab rigs are also super easy to clean because they only use water and usually are pretty straightforward in terms of maintenance.

How To Use An Electric Dab Rig?

It’s not hard at all once you understand the basic principles behind using an electric rig. However, it might take some practice for first-time users to figure out what pack works best for your dabbing style (more on that later).

Many different models of electric dab rigs exist in today’s market. You can best use your electric rig by following the manufacturer’s instructions on the device’s user manual.

Moreover, you can use all sorts of different types of dabs with an electronic dab rig, but for this post, we’ll focus on what style works best with an e-rig and what doesn’t work so well.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your E-Rig

1. An essential aspect to getting the most hits out of your electric dab rig is learning how to pack your bowl correctly. You don’t want it too loose, but you also don’t want it too tight. If the concentration of your dabs isn’t spread out evenly in the bowl, E-nail won’t distribute the heat throughout. Most glass guys will give you advice on how they like their bowls packed but no matter what, always do at least a little experimenting for yourself because everyone has different preferences.

2.The next thing you’ll want to consider is whether or not you should get a nail that’s made out of quartz, ceramic, or titanium (quartz nails are usually best). Quartz and ceramic nails conduct heat pretty quickly and make it easy to get that dab rip going. Quartz nails are made of quartz which is the material used in most high-end and the best portable vaporizers because it’s perfect for keeping a consistent temperature.

3. E-rigs also come with some mouthpiece attachment, such as a mini bubbler or glass domes, adding another element to your dabbing session. However, it varies from rig to rig, so don’t expect them all to work precisely despite their similarities. It all depends on how you like your hits and what you prefer. Experimenting is the key!

4. Furthermore, you need to figure out how long you want your hits to last. Short hits are cool and all. However, if you are ripping a dab rig, you should observe at least 15-20 second long draws to get the most value out of your concentrates. Playing with the temperature also adds another element to this experimentation process, so don’t be afraid to try different temperatures on your e-rigs while using them for dabbing as well.

5. For your e-rig to work correctly, it needs water in its system, which is why it’s important not to run dry during a session! You’re going to want to fill your dome with at least an inch or two of water and then add the concentrate. If you find that your e-rig is running dry too often while using it for dabs, try increasing the size of your bowl a bit, or make sure you don’t pack it too tightly.

6. Choosing the suitable concentrate is crucial for an excellent dab experience because flavor and consistency play an essential role. The last thing you want is to get a harsh hit, so make sure you stir up those concentrates thoroughly before using them on your e-rig! Just dabbing straight out of the container can result in your e-rig burning out faster and getting clogs in the dome, stem, and glass piece!

7. If you’re new to dabs or have trouble reaching those high temperatures with an e-nail, you may want to use a carb cap instead of using one of the multiple heating options or adjusting the temperature on your device’s digital screen. The downside is that it takes longer because you have to heat a separate piece, but once your material has melted enough for you to stop dabbing, you get hit after hit without having to adjust anything

8. Ensure you clean your electric rig correctly after use. Usually, manufacturers recommend the appropriate methods of cleaning the device in the user manual.

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