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  • March 21, 2022
  • 5 min read

The world hasn’t been the same ever since the use of technology proliferated and has opened newer horizons. Education can now be imparted online; you can learn skills like cooking and dancing online and then, this wave hit art as well.

Web galleries of art started off by curating art from even the farthest corners of the world and compiling an edifice of vaunt-worthy masterpieces. 

1st art gallery amidst all this skyrocketed its name in the market with its fantastic and dedicated artists as well as management team along with its meticulously crafted reproductions. 

What is the 1st Art Gallery so lauded for?

The premium artistic quality of all the oil paintings from front to end is the primary promise of 1st art gallery to its customers. The gallery’s foundation is based on its fine reproduction artists who’ve been in this field for 15 years. The management executives with extensive experience of 10 years have to be equally lauded for the success of the gallery.

They recreate masterpieces to eternalize the artists so that the posterity remembers the wonders their ancestors had done. The gallery also curates custom oil portraits with over 1000 testimonials to vouch for the quality. 

When words fall short for their praise, you may as well look at this sample recreated by them. 

The above painting is the reproduced version of Nils Han Christiansen’s Skating at sunset which still remains a vital representation of Romanticism and one of the most famous sunset paintings with all its nuances.

How to make your pick? 

This web gallery of art has made buying artwork easier than ever with its systematic categorization. Firstly, the artists are segregated according to the art movement they religiously followed. Van Gogh and Monet can be seen under the head of Impressionists whereas Da Vinci and Michelangelo are seen under the umbrella term, Renaissance. 

You can browse Pop Artists, Orientalists and Baroque under the `Artists’ category. For further ease, you can find paintings by artist name which could altogether simplify the whole browsing experience.

Next up, the masterpieces fall under the head of ’Categories, ’ further simplifying your search for the perfect art piece that would just go with not just your artistic curiosities but also, your walls. 

These categories are broken down into a plethora of sub-categories for the convenience of use. For example, art subjects have animals, landscapes, men, women etched under its head and artists with different ethnicities under the same heading of ’nationalities.’ 

To further manufacture trust, the samples of previous reproduction are also showcased with different categories like custom paintings, art movements, etc. 

Above is the sample of the brilliant reproduction of the legendary painting of Da Vinci, The Last Supper.

Now, that you’ve made up your mind and found a suitable masterpiece, we can proceed onto other procedures to get you the oil painting delivered. 

Communicate your needs  

After you’ve picked your favorite oil painting, you need to narrow down the size carefully that’d fit right into your place. There are some standard sizes mentioned on the right of the page sharing the territory with its price to help you use and if not that, then, you could make up your own measurements for your painting. Various support tutorials videos are available on the website to assist this decision of yours and make sure it’s the right one.

For custom paintings, you have to provide some other details as well pertaining to the size of the file which could be a photograph or a digital image that you want to be turned into an oil painting. 

You can put all that you liked in the shopping cart, fill in your basic contact details as well as the payment details and order away. Though, it is advised to make an account that would let you avail of the exclusive offers and discount the gallery has to offer. After that, all you’ve to do is wait and lament the arrival of your beloved artists’ masterpiece which generally reaches your doorsteps after 20-25 business days of ordering. 

Explore and learn 

Other than the obvious reason for buying from the gallery, you could also visit it to learn about the enormous world of art. 1st art gallery has a wide collection of artworks from every art movement which could teach one what the movement stood for. 

For instance, if you look at the inspiration of Romantic artists, you can witness a commonality of their fascination with landscapes and nature imagery in their paintings. If you ruminate much into this, you can see that it is their way of reminiscing nature and its endless beauty after the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

This was the Romantics’ way of urging people to look at the repercussions of extensive industrialization and their painting stood as a rebellion towards the Industrial Revolution. 

One could learn a lot about art in the painting analysis that is present under each painting that gives a background of the artist’s life, his works, and his demise. Other than that, the analysis highlights the underlying meaning and symbols hidden in the painting which speak more than words ever could.

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