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  • August 25, 2021
  • 4 min read

Do you miss being connected with your inner self? Well there’s a simple answer to that question, yoga. The word ‘yoga’ originated from Sanskrit, meaning the culmination of your physical and mental being, also known as the consciousness.

Meditation, self awareness and physical agility are just some of the byproducts of practicing yoga. While other benefits include stable mental health, enhanced concentration, better posture, toned bones and muscles. But, this only comes if yoga is inculcated as a daily routine in a disciplined manner.

Now that we have established the importance of yoga, let’s dive into some mythbusters about a prop that is used invariably with yoga, the yoga blocks or yoga bricks.

Myth #1:- Using yoga blocks while practising yoga means that you are bad at yoga and it isn’t the real form of yoga.

Fact: Yoga blocks also known as yoga bricks actually help you open up your body well and expand in different poses. Yoga bricks if used properly will help you align, enhance and deepen your yoga practice.

Myth #2:- Yoga blocks are replaceable by objects of similar dimensions and are only used for support.

Fact: Yoga blocks are essentially made of soft wood, foam, bamboo, or cork and have a comfortable grip. They aren’t replaceable as they make your body have a closer connection with the ground and are placed to support sensitive body parts while practicing yoga.

Although, there are multiple permutations and combinations to use yoga bricks with different poses, primarily they can be used in three different styles referred to as levels.

  1. The first or the lowest level placed lengthwise.
  2. The second or the medium level placed breadthwise.
  3. The third level or the highest level placed hightwise.

We will discover the purpose of the yoga blocks with the asanas, with which it can be used more efficiently. So let’s get started-

1. Sukhasana (Easy Seated Posture) – For this you need to sit with a straight spine along with a cross-legged posture

Yoga block utility- It is difficult for everyone to sit in a cross-legged posture,so you simply sit on the block closer to the edge. This will let the knees be closer to the floor and allow you to be seated comfortably while meditating for a longer duration.

2. Chaturanga Dandasana (Four Limbed staff pose) – Here you are going to practice a plank-like technique with your body parallel to the floor, supported by your palms,elbows and toes.

Yoga block utility- You will need a pair of yoga blocks and use it in two different styles, the first way is to hold the block and hug it between your thighs engaging your core in the pose.

Second way is to place the block underneath your chest to align and support your shoulders from lowering too much.

3. Bridge Pose – This pose requires you to keep your knees flat, hip width apart and heels directly placed below your knees by placing the feet as close back as possible.

Next you will need to roll your shoulders under and breathe . The key to this pose is to press your hands & feet against the floor.

Yoga block utility-  This pose also combines two ways of using the blocks, the first way is to place it under your tailbone. It is a way to help you support your lower back by uplifting you while doing the supported bridge.

The next way requires the block to be placed between your thighs, engaging your muscles and core.

4. Extended Side Angle ( Parsvakonasana) – In this pose you will need to extend your forearms and place it on your thighs and the other arm stretching above your head.

Yoga block utility- To go deeper you need to reach out your fingertips and touch the floor, but this may require practice.Hence, we start with a block placed in any level that is suitable for your stretch, by placing your hands on it and then extending your other arm over your head.

This helps you to dive more slowly without injuring yourself.

As stated above you can always practice yoga at your behest and look up for yoga blocks online for videos and other interesting stretches. If you are wondering where you can find yoga bricks online do check us out at https://www.theflexnest.com/products/yoga-block.

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