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Jewelry Care Tips For Summer

  • August 26, 2021
  • 4 min read
Jewelry Care Tips For Summer

How to pack jewelry for your vacation is still another question, but how to take care of jewelry pieces from the sand & waves. How to keep jewelry clean & well-maintained. Here are some points that will help you preserve your fine jewelry from the summer’s sand, so you can enjoy your vacation.

It may seem self-evident, but understanding the basics of the stones you wear is crucial for their life.

When porous diamonds come into touch with lotions or cosmetics, they might get discolored. If you’re unclear about the qualities of your gem, spend a few minutes researching it. The GIA website is a fantastic place to start, or you may ask an expert at your local jewelry store. You can also go for minimal custom jewelry for any summer. Here’s a rundown of several popular gems, along with a list of their sensitivities:

Know Your Stone

Opal – porous, can be damaged by extreme heat, chemicals, or abrasives; shock-sensitive can be damaged by excessive vibration or a rapid shift in light.

Emeralds: Chemicals can dissolve the cedar oil that is often used to cure.

Pearl: porous and can be damaged by high heat, chemicals, or abrasives.

Turquoise: It is porous, and natural oils can cause discoloration, as well as damage from chemicals or abrasives.

Amethyst: it’s a light-sensitive gemstone that can fade in color if exposed to sunshine for an extended period.

Amber – extremely delicate, may be damaged by chemicals or abrasives; light-sensitive, can deepen hue with extended exposure to sunshine.

Topaz is a light-sensitive gemstone that can fade in color if exposed to sunshine for an extended period.

Swimming, sandcastles, tennis, and grilling are all summer activities that might harm your fine jewelry. You’ll know which activities to avoid when wearing particular items once you’ve learned about your jewels. You may, however, keep it simple and reserve the lovely jewelry for nighttime soirees and Sunday breakfast!


If you frequently travel with a lot of jewelry, it’s a good idea to invest in a jewelry-specific storage case. The trick is to keep each component distinct from the others so that metals don’t rub against one another or a stronger stone (like a diamond) doesn’t damage a softer stone (such as a garnet). If you’re in a hurry, but each item is in its own little plastic bag.


Of course, you want to flaunt that stunning piece of jewelry you just purchased, but taking photographs of your jewelry is also necessary for insurance purposes. If your jewelry is lost or stolen while you’re on vacation, having evidence of ownership is essential, and it might help you recuperate your losses much more quickly.


When it comes to cleaning your jewelry, it’s best to be cautious. Most gemstones may be cleaned with a gentle toothbrush and warm soapy water (no detergents). If you don’t have any specific metal cleaners, you may clean gold with diluted glass cleaner, and sterling silver with a baking soda solution.

When polishing gemstone jewelry, use caution since some polishing solutions and pastes might be excessively abrasive for delicate or porous gems. Before storing your jewelry, make sure it’s totally dry and rub it with a polishing cloth. If you’re unclear how to clean a specific piece of jewelry, then Finer Jewelry will help you with that.

Natural Oiling

Pearls and opals, for example, might benefit from the oils in our skin. The oil of the skin naturally maintains the gem polished and lubricated, preventing it from drying out and cracking.

Keep It Light

Keep your jewelry light and breezy as the temperature warms up. Because antique jewelry is lighter than current types, it is ideal for summer. Antique gold also has a warmth to it that complements sun-kissed complexion.

Conclusion To keep the brilliance and sparkle of your valuable jewelry after the summer season, take it to a respected jeweler for a thorough cleaning. You can locate a reputable jewelry store in Phoenix or a jewelry store near you.

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