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Jobs That Allow You to Work with Seniors

  • October 21, 2022
  • 3 min read
Jobs That Allow You to Work with Seniors

Are you searching for a job that doesn’t just feel like work? Do you want to feel passionate about what you’re doing and feel excited about heading to work? Are you looking for a career rather than just a job, wherein you feel fulfilled and like you are making a difference? If so, working with seniors can certainly provide all of those feelings and career satisfaction. You’ll be working with people to ensure they are healthy, happy, and cared for. Here’s a look at some jobs that allow you to work with seniors.

Home Health Aides Can Make a World of Difference to a Senior

If you were to name one of the fastest-growing careers that allow you to work with seniors, a home health aide or a personal care aide would be near if not at the top of the list. As the baby boomer generation continues to age and their health needs increase, the demand for home health aids is increasing quickly. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 25% growth rate from 2021-2031, which is quite astounding. The median pay is $29,430.

What makes this career path more exciting is how attainable it is. There is no formal education required, although there may be credentials or training that the employer looks for. Many employers will even offer on-the-job training, opening it up to even more applicants.

Senior Move Manager – Helping Seniors to Downsize

A big trend happening right now is the desire to downsize. Seniors no longer want the big home they raised their kids in and want to downsize in space and costs. This is when they often turn to a senior move manager who helps them through the entire process. A senior move manager makes sure that all their belongings are moved safely and in a way that doesn’t cause any emotional trauma. Even for the senior who knows downsizing is best, it can still be emotional.

Recreational Therapists are Playing an Important Role

For seniors who suffer an injury, illness or disability recreational therapists are proving to be very useful. These professionals create recreation-based treatment plans for their patients. You can work independently or with an assisted living community, hospital, retirement home, or nursing home.

Independent and Assisted Living Facilities Offer a Wealth of Options

For those who want to be able to work with seniors an independent or assisted living facility can be the perfect solution. These facilities are brimming with career opportunities that range in terms of job experience, training, and education. While there are the traditional careers that may be quick to come to mind like a wellness nurse – either an RN or an LPN – there are other careers too. These facilities require a care manager, activities director, cook, dining server, front desk staff, housekeeper, care manager, sales director, and so forth.

Think of these facilities as a small community wherein many people are needed to keep things running smoothly. Senior living careers are diverse and exciting, providing you with a wealth of options.

Working with Seniors Can Be Incredibly Rewarding

Each of these careers allows you to help seniors in your community, give back and make a real difference in their lives.

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