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List of Call-Center Companies in Australia

  • February 21, 2022
  • 4 min read
List of Call-Center Companies in Australia

Looking for a job in Australia? Having the right communication skills along with some technical knowledge can lead you to many job opportunities. But if you are looking forward to making the most use of your talent, then call center outsourcing in Australia can be a great option.

No doubt, call center jobs have gained great growth opportunities and in Australia, call centers are again on the rise. However, with plenty of offshore call centers available, it can be difficult to choose the right one, so here is a list of the best CC companies in Australia.

  1. CPM Australia

With more than 25+ years of experience, CPM Australia is an Australian-based call center with expertise and global knowledge. It offers a wide range of both inbound and outbound sales and service solutions.

Because it is a part of CPM International, it differs from others and has conversations with thousands of Australians offering help to activate brands. Customer contacts are of the highest quality with best-in-class technology and quality control processes.

  1. Unity4

Unity4 is another call center in Australia that believes in good conversations equates to better outcomes. It establishes a genuine connection with potential customers. With over 20 years of experience, they have worked across several industries.

They aim to be the voice of customers and confident in understanding the in-depth challenges. The team maintains regular collaboration and the company employs more than 800 people worldwide. The best thing about the company is that it offers 100% work from home.

  1. Sigma Connected

Established in 2011, Sigma Connected is another call center, outsourcingprovider. It offers a wide range of services such as complaint management, customer services, collections, sales, staff training, and much more. Its clients operate across various industries including telecommunication and retail.

It is a well-reputed call center in Australia as it works flexibly with every client ensuring their needs are met. It employs over 3000 people and believes and focuses on quality assurance. They not only manage vulnerable customers but also offer bespoke solutions.

  1. Oraclecms

Oracle Cms provides everything you need. From delivering exceptional customer service to adopting an efficient way of connecting with customers, it offers outstanding customer experiences. It believes in passion and commitment to quality.

With over years of experience, it has made its name in the industry for providing elite business call answering call centers in Australia. It offers inbound customer service solutions and uses innovative technology solutions. Looking for solutions for bulk billing MRI scans Griffith? Oraclecms provides a 24/7 phone answering service.

  1. Swivot BPO

Established in 2019, Swivot BPO is a voice services company. The company also specializes in freight forwarding and back-office services. It is basically an outsourced customer service assistance to a food company.

Besides, they are flexible in their approach. Also, the experienced specialists work to build great relationships and are professionals in this field. So if you want to customer service your competitive advantage, then you can surely rely on them as they guarantee positive customer outcomes.

  1. TeleTech

Established in 1982, TeleTech is another call center based in Australia which focuses on voice services. With more than 35 years of experience, it is known for interacting with more than 2 million customers weekly.

It helps companies reduce customer effort and deliver transformative customer experiences. Also, the team members are committed to providing highly professional customer service solutions and offer 24/7 phone answering service. In simple words, it is a well-rounded, thorough and attentive call center in Australia.

  1. TSA Group

Another large non-voice BPO/ back-office services and call center company in Australia is the TSA Group. Founded in 1997, it is a leading customer experience outsourcing call center. It offers customers more control over what help they need.

It aims in creating experiences that people love and aims to be the world’s leading partner for businesses in delivering true Australian customer experiences. In simple words, they maintain easy, friendly, and honest communication.

Search and find the right Australian-based call center

When looking for a call center in Australia, the first thing to avoid is hastening the process. Instead one must consider things like scalability, reputation, technology, what type of model they use and the most important is to check whether you get the right fit or not.

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