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Lost Ark: How to Get Animal Skins

  • March 17, 2022
  • 4 min read
Lost Ark: How to Get Animal Skins

With Lost Ark’s stellar launch and various accolades, Smilegate gives free Gratitude Gifts to every player. Get free animal skins by logging in to the game!

Lost Ark had a stellar launch with its successful release of the game in Western Regions. To celebrate the hit MMO ARPG’s achievements, Smilegate RPG has given away Gratitude Gifts to every gamer with a Lost Ark account. The package contains tons of neat stuff, including some goofy and cool-looking Animal skins.

How to Get the Gratitude Gift?

The package was originally only given out to KR players to celebrate the success of its Western launch. However, many fans from other data centers were displeased with this decision. Players thought that being given cosmetic items without spending Lost Ark gold should be available to everyone. Fortunately, Smilegate was on board with this idea. 

 The Korean gaming studio is rolling out Gratitude Gifts to all Lost Ark players regardless of their region. Fans only need to log in to their accounts to receive the package. The gift can be found in the Product Inventory window. Obtaining the item is very easy. 

What Does the Gratitude Gift Contain?

Aside from tons of honing materials, the package contains cool stuff like pets and outfits. Of course, the main highlight of the gift is the free animal skin. The giveaway chest has two chests: the Decoration Pack and the Item Pack. Here is the list of all available rewards from the Gratitude Gift:

Gratitude Gift Item Pack

  • 5 Honing Leapstone Selection Chest
  • 2 Destruction Stone Selection Pouch
  • 6 Guardian Stone Selection Pouch
  • 1 Honing Special Material Selection Chest
  • 2 Fusion Material Selection Chest

Gratitude Gift Decoration Pack

  • 132 Pheon
  • Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest
  • Mount: Mokoko Board Selection Chest
  • Menelik’s Tome
  • Structure: Everyone’s Lost Ark
  • Mokoko Pet Selection Chest
  • New Animal Skin Gift Package
  • [Event] Reskin Ticket

Free Animal Skin

Though honing materials from the gift package are helpful in character progression, the most important item from the gift packs is the free animal skins. Players can choose to receive one goofy but cool-looking animal outfit out of the many choices. Here are the redeemable animal skins from the package:

  • New Pupper Skin Selection Chest
  • New Penguin Skin Selection Chest
  • New Rat-keeter Skin Selection Chest
  • New Buck Beak Skin Selection Chest
  • New Meowdy Skin Selection Chest
  • New Moo Cow Skin Selection Chest
  • New Fruit Dragon Selection Chest

There are several fabulous outfits that fans can choose from. Unfortunately, adventurers can only select one skin, so fans should be really careful in which one they pick. Fortunately, players can use an [Event] Reskin Ticket to swap out their chosen outfit for another one. 

Once gamers pick their preferred animal skin. They will then have to choose between several variants of their chosen outfits, making picking much more difficult. Here are all the versions of each cosmetic:

Male and Female:

  • Pupper Skin: Regal, Cozy, and Warm
  • Penguin Skin: Heartbreaker, Heartmelter, and Musicophile
  • Rat-keeter Skin: Innocent, Passionate, Kingly, Bowtie, and Dignified
  • Buck Beak: Angry, Danger, and Fury
  • Meowdy: Bubble, Dove, Charcoal, Wine, Sand, Tuxedo, Tricolor, Cream, Handsome, Salt, and Chic
  • Moo Cow: Christmas, Black Spot, Black, Brown, Brown Spot, Straw Hat, and White
  • Fruit Dragon: Horrifying Grape, Horrifying Berry, Horrifying Mint, Horrifying Melon, and Horrifying Lemon

Though each variant’s male and female versions share similar names, there are some slight differences between the designs depending on the gender. Fans should make sure that they give the outfit to the character their life the most.

Other Rewards

Aside from these outfits, players are also given a chance to choose from several Mokoko Pets. These companions will provide various beneficial stats while serving as the adventurers’ cute followers. Here is the list of all the Mokokos that gamers can choose from:

  • Cute Moko
  • Pleasant Moko
  • Evergreen Moko
  • Cherry Blossom Moko
  • Aurora Moko
  • Rainbow Moko
  • Summer Night Moko
  • Dreaming Moko
  • Sunset Moko
  • Snow Santa Moko
  • Sky Santa Moko
  • Starlight Moko

Aside from the free pets, players will also get free Legendary grade mounts from the package. Here are all the redeemable boards from the Gratitude Gift:

  • Cute Mokoboard
  • Pleasant Mokoboard
  • Evergreen Mokoboard
  • Cherry Blossom Mokoboard
  • Aurora Mokoboard
  • Rainbow Mokoboard
  • Summer Night Mokoboard
  • Dreaming Mokoboard
  • Sunset Mokoboard
  • Snow Santa Mokoboard
  • Sky Santa Mokoboard
  • Starlight Mokoboard

Wrap Up

Smilegate has been very generous to its community. With so many cool rewards for every Lost Ark account, players should make sure to log in so that they can receive the free goodies. Adventurers shouldn’t miss out on getting cool-looking Animals skins, Mokoko pets, and Legendary Mokoboards.

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