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Lost Ark Preview – The Next Big MMO

  • January 31, 2022
  • 7 min read
Lost Ark Preview – The Next Big MMO

With its regional success in Asia, Lost Ark seeks to expand its player base to western regions. As the game is set to launch on February 11, the popular Korean ARPG seeks to be the next big MMO.

With interesting gameplay and gorgeous graphics, gamers are wondering what’s in store for Lost Ark. The hit Korean ARPG has already made waves and found huge success in South Korea. However, Smilegate RPG is not stepping on any brakes and is looking to launch the game on global servers. With hundreds, if not thousands, of beta testers showing how viable the game is for western viewers, the locally popular ARPG is going to make a huge splash once it hits globally. Gamers will soon be able to create Lost Ark accounts to experience the world of Arkesia.

What is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is an incredible ARPG that is very similar to other popular titles such as Path of Exiles and Diablo. The game is set in the fictional world of Arkesia where players with Lost Ark accounts are plunged into the world’s conflict against a chaotic and apocalyptic force known as Kazeros. As the world-ending entity attempts to escape through the eruption of the volcano in which it is imprisoned, it is up to the players to battle the demonic horde and stop Kazeros from ending all existence. To do this, gamers will have to set sail, battle thousands of demons, and search for the Lost Ark to release its content which will aid them in their fight.

Unlike other ARPGs that are currently playable in Western regions., Lost Ark has only been available in Korea and other Asian regions with Beta servers and PBE servers available in selected western countries. Despite this setting, the game has found massive success in its current market. With high hopes for the game, Smilegate has partnered with Amazon Games to release the Korean ARPG to Western gamers.

A Preview of Lost Ark

The Smilegate RPG’s gameplay is closest to Path of Exile. The game features an isometric perspective set in a more radiant and natural-looking landscape, scenery, and lighting which is in contrast with Diablo 3 and PoE’s dark and gloomy atmosphere. The game also follows a free-to-play model similar to PoE to ensure that it gains the maximum number of players it can host.

In the gamer’s quest to find the Lost Ark, players have the chance to explore seven continents and battle different types of enemies and demons. There will be diverse ways on how to dispatch these mobs that block the gamer’s path towards the ark. Players can use various characters with different base classes. Each class will have different skills sets and gameplay. Here is the list of the base classes in the game:

  • Warrior – Powerhouse characters that make their presence known with their strong and powerful heavy attacks that are sure to make a big impact.
  • Martial Artist – Nimble fighters that use their speed and agility to unleash a flurry of lightning speed attacks on their enemies.
  • Gunner – Long-ranged characters that take down enemies from afar using their extremely precise and accurate high-tech weaponry or fast and deadly bow and arrow.
  • Mage – Characters that can tap into the flow of magic in Arkasia and use the arcane to defeat enemies or heal and support allies.
  • Assassin – Fighters that use the demonic powers of their enemies against them by tapping into these dark powers to unleash colorful strikes.

These are the classes that players can start with when they create their characters. As gamers progress through the game, they can enhance their abilities and skills even further by upgrading their base jobs to advance classes. Here is the list of advanced classes for each job:


  • Berserker – Strong powerful warriors who boast high offense and defense. They wield a greatsword that they use to dominate their enemies, especially when they enter unstoppable Burst mode.
  • Paladin – Channeling the power of the gods, Paladins boast high-defensive and offensive power. They are able to buff their allies with their holy book while smiting their enemies with their swords.
  • Gunlancer – The most indomitable class in the game. Gunlancers are able to use their shield and armor to brush off even the strongest attacks in the game. Though they pride themselves in their defense, their gunlances still pack quite a punch.

Martial Artist

  • Striker – Powerful combatants that rush into battle like strong winds. They use a combination of fast physical attacks and elemental damage to dominate the battlefield.
  • Wardancer – Lightning-quick fighters who charge their attacks with elemental powers. These characters unleash heavy damage with their charged strikes.
  • Scrapper – One of the most balanced classes in the game, Scrappers’ attacks revolve around chaining their strikes using two inverse forms of attack. Boasting great attack power, defense, mobility, and sustainability, this class makes enemies regret ever facing them in the field.
  • Soulfist – Tapping into a special energy called Adamance, Soulfists play to their advantage by switching between melee and ranged attacks. They can use Adamance to power their abilities or sustain themselves to last longer in fights.


  • Gunslinger – Having a wide array of guns, Gunslingers can switch between their guns to deal quick damage to enemies. With their quick and agile movements, enemies will have a hard time landing a blow on these deadly foes.
  • Artillerist – This class brings the most firepower in the game by blasting their way through the battlefield. Using the biggest and most explosive guns in the game, Artillerists boast high AoE damage with decent defense to protect them from enemies.
  • Deadeye – Characters that specialize in using three guns: double handgun, shotgun, and rifle. Their versatility and agility enable them to dispatch any type of foes they come across.
  • Sharpshooter – Using special types of arrows with their mechanical bows, these archers boast deadly and accurate long-ranged attacks that always find their mark.


  • Bard – These maestros of the Lianne harp tap into the arcane by providing soothing serenades for their allies or tormenting choruses to their enemies. Though they do not deal the most damage, their ability to support their teammates makes them crucial in any party.
  • Sorceress – Using three elements to supplement their magic, Sorceress can easily dominate their enemies by producing wide arrays of AoE damage with a snap of their fingers.


  • Shadowhunter – Using the power of the demons against them, Shadowhunters can transform into powerful demons to unleash chaos. Once they unleash their inner demons, enemies can do very little to resist them.
  • Deathblade – Using three blades in their arsenal, Deathblades provide swift death for anyone who dares stand in their way. This class eliminates their enemies very quickly by tapping into the chaos forces to slash enemies with their dual swords and longsword.

Lost Ark features numerous classes, and fortunately for players, they can have multiple characters. Having multiple playable characters ensures that gamers will have variety in their gameplay and explore other opportunities.

The game is set to launch in western regions on February 11, 2022. However, players who can’t wait to farm Lost Ark gold can play it three days ahead of time on February 8 if they purchase Founder’s Packs. Gain an advantage by buying the cheapest Bronze Founder’s Pack or the expensive Platinum Founder’s Pack.

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