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Most Adventurous places that attract global tourists

  • September 9, 2021
  • 6 min read
Most Adventurous places that attract global tourists

From eating street food in Singapore to watching an opera in Vienna, every traveler has the ultimate list of experiences worldwide, but much of your life has been spent outside these days. So they amplify your list in a long series of outdoor adventures. Consider these ultimate tours for pristine travellers, including a combination of epic walks, extreme sports, and creative ways to see some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. Whether it’s a Turkish hot-air balloon or swimming with dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean, these 26 activities are guaranteed to excite and change your overall outlook on life.

Climb Machu Picchu in Peru

Without Machu Picchu, the famous Inca fortress of the Andes, the adventurer’s must-see list would not be complete. This location is accessible by bus, but adventurous travellers can enjoy a five-day hike along the entire 26-mile Inca Trail. Or, thanks to the local tour operator, you can get lost on miles 104 and have the full experience in 24 hours.

Greenland glacier hunting

Greenland is relatively expensive and difficult to reach, but it’s worth it, especially because it is one of the most pristine landscapes on the planet. Appendix A: 100-year-old icebergs and icebergs from the mainland that you can get close to during your cruise.

Hot-air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey

A hot-air balloon ride through the Cappadocia region of central Turkey for 360-degree views of the famous limestone spire and the “fairy chimney.” They recommend booking with Cappadocia Balloon, the first company to introduce balloon tourism in Cappadocia. Services include hotel transfers, light meals, full insurance, and in-flight champagne parties.

Swim the Great Barrier Reef

Both divers and snorkelers need to experience the Great Barrier Reef once in a lifetime. Not only is the site home to more than 400 species of coral and 1,500 species of fish, but natural wonders are rapidly eroding thanks to coral bleaching and global warming. It means it is more important than ever to see it in all glory and understand what they are losing. Australia has severely closed its borders during the pandemic, but this is a trip that needs to be planned, so why not look after 2022?

Climb Mt. Everest

Everest is heavily woven and is known worldwide to both hikers and non-hikers. But this is best left to a truly experienced traveller. According to mountaineer Adrian Barringer, who attempted to climb in 2016, “Before considering Everest, you need to climb minimum three 20,000 peaks, one 23,000 peaks, and one 26,000 peaks.” But hey, if you’re one of the few lucky people to have the experience, time, and resources you need to reach the Everest Summit, do so. This year’s mountaineering season (March-May) is over, but you still have to spend an extra year preparing.

Go Canoe Safari in Okavango Delta, Botswana

When it comes to adventure, it’s easy to go on a safari in Africa, but where do you start? The Okavango Delta in Botswana is a must-see for both first-time users and experienced safari visitors, thanks to its abundant wildlife and terrain diversity. Ride the Mokoro Canoe for the most intimate view of roaming elephants, antelopes, cheetahs, and more. Stay at  Safari Lodge, one of the most expected current openings on the continent. You can expect 12 new stilt suites, a baobab wooden house that sleeps under the stars, and many steps to make the property as environmentally friendly as possible.

Sleep under the aurora

Oh, the elusive aurora. Numerous factors are involved in the Technicolor phenomenon (location, season, weather conditions), but it isn’t easy to lose on an excursion to Lapland, Finland. The Arctic Circle is the best area to see the light on the earth, especially when sleeping in the Igloo Hotel or Mobile Aurora Bubble Sleigh at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. Plan your trip between December and March to increase your viewing options.

Boat under the Iguazu waterfall

it is located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. The Iguazu Falls in South America look like pure herring when compared to all other waterfalls. Over 200 cascades (up to about 270 feet high) can be seen from the surrounding sidewalks and catwalks, but we’re fans of more adventurous vantage points — inflatables in the Iguazu jungle. Jump on a raft and sail beneath exciting heights-pressure drop.

Climb Mt. Fuji

Solitaire Mt. Fuji is perhaps Japan’s most iconic natural wonder, 12,388 feet above the village and reflected off the lake’s surface. You can enjoy the scenery of landmarks from various places such as Lake Kawaguchiko of Fujikawaguchiko and Park Hyatt Tokyo, but the proudest is the mountain scenery. Visit from early July to mid-September (cross your fingers in 2022) to take advantage of the official mountaineering season when it doesn’t snow on designated trails and paved roads.

Swim in a Mexican cenote

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is rich in unique natural beauty, especially when it comes to hollow cenotes. Swimming in these simple sinkholes is an incredible experience, like jumping into an underground hole system. When you’re in Tulum, visit Dos Ojos (“two eyes”) to see one of the most beautiful underwater sites on the planet (a bonus point for water visibility) or the Gothic-like rock formations Gran Cenote Please.

Sand surfing in Sahara

Sahara’s dunes are huge, pristine, and specially made for extreme sports. The desert barchan rows (Turkish for “crescent-shaped dunes”) have ideal forms of sand surfing (down the surfboard slopes) and sandboards (down the snowboard slopes). The scenery is not harmful either. Stay at the  Luxury Camp in Morocco. Here they offer sandboarding in addition to other desert activities such as camel riding and quad biking.

Paragliding the blue lagoon of Ordeniz, Turkey

Ordeniz is one of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches with pebble beach’s and an aquamarine-colored “blue lagoon.” The beach is also one of the best places in the world for a paraglider, thanks to its stable weather and beautiful panoramic views also you can enjoy long beach whale watching. Most companies launch from Mount Babada, with jump points reaching 6,000 feet above sea level.

Find Kermode Bears in the Great Bear Rainforest

Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest is the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest, and one of the most magical of elusive species such as sea wolves and Kermode bears roaming 21 million acres. Outer Shores Expeditions departs from Bella Bella, the original indigenous community of British Columbia, and embarks on a nine-day excursion on a schooner that stops by sea kayaking along the way. Canada is currently closed to US travelers, but you can plan your trip at any time in the spring of 2022.

Intercontinental snorkeling in Thingvellir National Park Iceland is one of the good countries for adventure trips, with everything from glacier hiking to snorkeling and diving. In the latter case, go directly to Thingvellir National Park along the country’s Golden Circle Route. Here, the two structural plates are slowly pulled apart at a speed of about 2 centimeters (0.8 inches) per year. This phenomenon results in the Silfra fissure, a wonderful valley of cracks where travelers can snorkel and dive in incredibly clear (and cold) water. Travel agency DIVE.IS offers travel to divers and all snorkelers (including inexperienced people) and takes your underwater photos touching two continents simultaneously.

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