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  • December 5, 2022
  • 4 min read

NetBaseQuid is suitable for beginners but also serves as a helpful reference guide for intermediate-level students. The app includes audio for each word, conjugated forms, and example sentences. Each entry includes additional grammar and phonetic information within the Word Reference section.

What’s NetBaseQuid?

NetBaseQuid is an analytics company that provides real-time data analysis (decision-making) as a service through a suite of applications called Mazloom. Mazloom was initially designed as a real-time campaign analytics platform for the Clinton Global Initiative. The software has since evolved into an analytics engine that feeds users’ information in multiple mediums and formats, including email, web, and, most recently, mobile.

Importance of Image Analysis

1: Image analysis and the power of visual communication could be one of the previously unrealized key elements to analyzing data, especially when understanding foreign cultures. Using NetBaseQuid, it is possible to gain a more in-depth look at the statistics that reflect the images of a country. By understanding all aspects that come into play with an image, users can involve more than just empty charts and data tables in their analysis. One can use the images themselves to express something else entirely.

2: Image analysis is a great way to analyze data from a holistic point of view and is more low-tech than text analytics (which requires an internet connection) or voice analytics (which needs high-tech devices). It can also allow for results that are free of language barriers. It has the potential to help people in developing countries that do not have access to high-tech devices or the internet.

3: Image analysis is a great way to analyze data when someone isn’t familiar with the language, which means one can use it in many different situations. For example, if you are a business owner that needs to send an analytics update to your employees who might not speak English as their first language. It is also a great way to understand other cultures and see how they use language correctly or incorrectly. 

4: Image analysis is an excellent way to visualize what has been collected about a data set. It is beneficial for decision-making because it will make it easier for users to understand what the data means. It can also be helpful for data visualization purposes.

5: Image analysis takes advantage of the human visual cortex and allows users to see which words in a text come up more often than others during analysis. It can help uncover trends and understand what is being said. It also allows for specific themes in images from different countries, which can help determine why communication between people could be better.

6: It is much less costly than text analytics or voice analytics. It makes it much more accessible to people and entities that may not have the capabilities or funds for a more advanced analytics engine. One can also use it to track user behavior by taking advantage of the fact that people tend to concentrate on pictures more than words when looking at images.

7: It allows data collected through analytics to be turned into an understanding of how a person or group will behave in the future. It is helpful because it adds another medium to communicate with others, which can help people understand a complex subject better. Questions can also be answered more effectively when asked visually rather than verbally.

8: It eliminates the need for having a large volume of data that can be difficult to navigate and understand. It allows correlations between images to be made more efficiently, which is helpful for organizations that want to understand what aspects of their products or services are unique to specific groups of people.

9: It helps with collecting, managing, and organizing data. It also allows organizations to look at information from a different perspective than through text and be better able to analyze it or use it for other purposes.

10: It allows a better understanding of how people see their surroundings and interact with their environment. It also makes collecting data from more than one entity easier, which can often help organizations with decision-making.

NetBaseQuid is a good investment, especially for many businesses worldwide. One can use it to collect, analyze and visualize a large amount of data and allow users to look at images differently than they usually would, which will help them see trends further down the road.

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