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Positive attitude in life!

  • August 12, 2021
  • 4 min read
Positive attitude in life!

From my diary, I write to you today Friday, as always, something about myself, and something about others, perhaps and perhaps God will grant us good with the blessings and goodness that we intended, and prayers for others and for us, of course .

A positive attitude is a positive state of mind that you transmit about yourself to others, reflecting the way you see yourself to the world around you, making you appear more charming and attractive

in front of others. A person can win the battle of life in all directions if he adopts a positive attitude.

(Abraham Lincoln) said that a person is happy as much as they are ready for it, and if you don’t know that today is the best day of your life, the best days of your life are likely to be missed.

A story about positive attitude

In one of the Chinese villages, a newly married Chinese girl was suffering greatly for her mother-in-law, as she was dominating her and constantly complaining and criticizing her.

Despite that, according to Chinese traditions, this girl was obliged to fulfill all of her requirements. desires her and bows to her.

Her father is a herb seller and I asked him for some poisonous herbs to get rid of her mother-in-law for good, so he thought for a long time and then said:

 Well, I will help her. you, but on the condition that you listen to me and do what I command you. Her mother-in-law on the condition that he change her attitude completely from hers so that he does not feel anything towards her, and he advised her to tell him:

have to be kind to her and a friend to her and fulfill her wishes. her and never fight with her. With her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law they became loving and caring for her as if she were her own daughter. , and when the girl saw that change in her mother-in-law, she went to see Mr.

Huang and asked him to stop the effect of the poison that she had been administering to him for three months. The herbalist smiled and said: “I did not give you Poison, but the can is drops of water, the only poison was in your mind and in your way of thinking.

Deal with your mother-in-law and he vanishes when she bathes him with love, affection and care. When you can get over some serious relationship problems, don’t remember the hard times, but think about how much fun you had going.

through this stage of your life When you survive a serious incident, think not about the trauma that may have caused you, but about the miracle that saved you. When you overcome a health crisis, think not of the suffering you faced, but of the mercy of God who gave you the treatment.

 Make sure to keep in your memory the good things that appeared in the midst of difficulties.

 See the world as a world brimming with goodness, full of resources and opportunities that are enough for everyone. Live and feel life, full of abundant energies capable of making all human beings happy, feeling every day the extension of this world and its capacity to

Generosity Look at nature, how much is the birth of beauty. God created us and planted enormous energies of goodness in our souls, waiting for us humans to believe and trust ourselves and our ability to draw that goodness to make people’s lives a paradise on earth.

My attitude towards life each new morning towards people and the world is what determines my happiness and success, my failure or failure, and it is what kindles in my heart the enthusiasm for doing my work.

 Half of the success is towards the achievement of my goals and achieving what I aspire that day, do not underestimate any act, no matter how simple, as long as it is sincere, deep and comes from the heart. Don’t underestimate any kind word, no matter how small or fleeting.

Real life is those simple actions and little words that are strong and meaningful that you post here or there. You can also learn about the art of creating a positive attitude.

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