Top RS3 Bosses for Beginners

Here are the easy RS3 bosses for absolute beginners who are new to bossing in Runescape 3.

If you’re new to RS3, one major aspect of the Runescape 3 game is bossing. Before we jump into each of the RS3 bosses, here’s a quick list of the best RS3 bosses for absolute beginners that we’ll be covering in this infographic.

RS3 Bosses

RS3 Bosses
  1. Black King Dargon – You have to teleport over to Edgeville to find the Black King Dargon. To the northwest and north of where the Monastery is, you’ll find the artefact. Double-check if you have the Deflect Magic and Protect from Magic on, and assured you can make this fight a bit easier. With super antifires you can really have an effect on the damage too.
  2. Giant Mole – it involves teleporting to Falador to find the Giant Mole and from there you need to go to Falador park. You will find a plant root structure here, so enter the Falador park and make a session to get the fight underway.

There are a lot of great things you can pick up from RS3 bosses drops which you could sell to get some RS3 gold. Working on these Runescape 3 bosses is worthwhile for every player including those beginners in Runescape who are looking to increase the amount of Runescape gold and Runescape items in their Runescape accounts.

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