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The modern side of Murano Glass vases

  • August 15, 2022
  • 4 min read
The modern side of Murano Glass vases

Deciding to buy and invest money in a work of art is always rarer and more difficult to see in our society. Nowadays we are used to things made in stock. Every item is the same as the other, their cost is low and their uniqueness is almost absent. But there are still some objects that are worth the cost because they are unique and most of all, they are a symbol of tradition, history, elegance, and luxury. In the city of Venice, the art of glass craftsmanship is still a popular practice among the inhabitants of Murano, the island where all the furnaces are. The master glassworkers are artists that carry on not only a flourishing activity but also a tradition full of meaning and strictly linked to the history and culture of the Venetian region. 

The area of the Venetian lagoon, especially Murano Island, is where authentic Venetian Glass can be found. No other region can put this label on its glass items since this is the only place where the real Murano glass is made and where the artisans who know the techniques of this art are. 

The history of Venetian glass started at least in the 10th century, the period to which the first written evidence dates and this particular form of art have been protected by the Venetians since the late 13th century. It has always been a flourishing trade and it quickly became a world-known symbol of the region. The Venetian glass has a thousand-year-old history and tradition. The techniques used to make these magnificent objects have been handed down from father to son for generations and they remained unchanged throughout time. Consequently, anything that is not created in this region by a master glazier of Murano cannot be considered authentic Murano glass. Venetian master glassmakers make objects that cannot be reproduced elsewhere. Moreover, art continues to grow in popularity worldwide.

The master glaziers create a range of objects in their furnaces, but the decorative objects that are a must-have in a house are vases. We are not talking about the monotonous and boring vases that people usually use to put flowers in them, but we are talking about colourful and unique vases that have the goal to embellish your house with their shapes, colours, and patterns. Their uniqueness is something worth the investment because no Venetian glass vase is the same as any other.

Lately, the classical Murano glass vases that are famous all around the world and that you can find in every Murano glass shop and e-store have known a transformation. The master glaziers are creating more and more modern vases, with neat lines, simple colours, and tapered shapes. These Murano Glass modern vases are the result of traditional techniques and the artistic visions of the master glaziers that with their knowledge can create a new horizon for Murano glass. Today’s home décor is characterized by clean and neat lines, with one or two main colours that make the house modern, luminous, and polished. These vases want to fit in this new fashion, and they can do it easily thanks to their combination of tradition and modernism. 

Their shapes recall many natural elements, some are spherical while others have the shape of a drop. They present the main colour that can be easily paired with the colour theme of your house, some are unicolour, and others have a fantastic play of colours that can make you lose your mind. 

These modern vases in Murano glass are unique and they combine tradition and modern style. Their design is light, their lines are polished, and it is so easy to fall in love with them that you won’t be able to resist. Having a Murano glass modern vase will give a luxurious, elegant, classical and at the same time modern touch to your house, you will never regret this investment in beauty, knowledge, and unique tradition.   

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