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The Sparkling Gems of Sri Lanka in Australia: A Rise to Fame

  • March 8, 2023
  • 3 min read
The Sparkling Gems of Sri Lanka in Australia: A Rise to Fame

Shopping for jewellery in Australia is a diverse and exciting experience. There is something for everyone, from luxurious high-end boutiques to local artisan markets. The country is known for its high-quality pearls, opals, and diamonds, which can be found in nearly any jewellery shop in Australia. However, Sri Lankan gemstones and jewels have captivated the Australian jewellery market like never before. Australian jewellers and gemstone dealers offer a range of Sri Lankan gems, including sapphires, rubies, and spinels. However, the primary reason for their resurgence in the Australian market is the country’s gemstone dealers’ commitment towards ethical and sustainable sourcing practices like conflict-free gemstones ensuring that customers can confidently purchase these gems.

In recent years, Sri Lankan gemstones and jewellery have gained recognition in Australia and worldwide, marking a significant rise in the country’s gem and jewellery industry. Explored below are the factors contributing to this rise in the industry.

Quality and Variety of Gemstones

Sri Lanka is renowned for the quality and variety of its gemstones. The country produces some of the best sapphires in the world, including the rare and highly sought-after Padparadscha sapphire, which has a pinkish-orange hue. It is also a significant producer of rubies, topaz, aquamarine, and garnet. The unique colours and quality of Sri Lankan gemstones have captured the attention of jewellery designers and enthusiasts worldwide, contributing to the rise in demand for this jewellery.

Ethical Mining Practices

There has been a growing demand for ethically-sourced gemstones in recent years, and Sri Lanka has been at the forefront of this movement. The government has implemented stringent regulations to ensure that gem mining practices are ethical and sustainable. The country’s gem industry is heavily regulated; only licensed miners can mine for gemstones. The Sri Lankan gem industry has also implemented measures to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable mining practices.

Artistic Excellence in Jewellery Design

Sri Lanka’s gem and jewellery industry has gained recognition for its artistic excellence in jewellery design. The country’s jewellery designers are known for their unique and intricate designs incorporating Sri Lankan gemstones. Jewellery designers have also won several awards at international jewellery shows and competitions, cementing the country’s place as a global hub for jewellery design and innovation.

Growing International Recognition

Sri Lankan gemstones and jewellery have gained significant recognition in international markets recently. These gemstones are now used by some of the world’s most prestigious jewellery brands. The country’s gem and jewellery industry has also attracted the attention of international buyers, with several trade shows and exhibitions featuring Sri Lankan gemstones and jewellery.

Summing Up

Sri Lankan gemstones and jewellery have captured the attention of the world’s leading jewellery designers and enthusiasts with their unique colours and quality. Needless to say, nearly any jewellery shop in Australia today features these much-sought-after gems. Besides, the government’s commitment to ethical and sustainable mining practices has also helped elevate the country’s gem and jewellery industry globally. This has helped meet the growing demand for ethically-sourced gemstones, promoting the industry’s sustainable development.

This jewellery industry is a testament to the country’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty. The industry combines traditional methods, modern technology, and artistic innovation to create exquisite jewellery pieces. As more consumers demand ethically-sourced and unique gemstones and jewellery, Sri Lanka is well-positioned to meet that demand and continues to shine on the world stage.

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