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Things To do With Kids In Manchester, Connecticut 

  • January 9, 2023
  • 3 min read
Things To do With Kids In Manchester, Connecticut 

Manchester is a small town in Connecticut – close to Hartford and New Haven. It is well renowned as a wonderful place to bring up a young family. Aside from being safe and community-spirited, the town contains many attractions suitable for kids. Here are some of the most popular. 

Lutz Children’s Museum 

The Lutz Children’s Museum – named after a beloved local art teacher – was founded at the behest of the local Parent Teacher Association. It contains a great many wonderful child-friendly exhibits. Main Street 1943 is a charming miniature recreation of Manchester in the 1940s. The agricultural exhibition famously contains a life-sized replica cow that can be actually milked. The Lutz Children’s Museum is one of the favorite destinations for local parents and their small charges and is likely to be so for years to come.   


Urbanair is one of the best kids birthday party places in Manchester, CT. Although not entirely suitable for parents that want to have a quiet and peaceful time, this adventure park is perfect for letting your kids go completely wild in a safe space. It contains assault courses, laser tag and a large trampoline park. Adventure parks are a bit like all-in-one fun zones. Urban air is staffed well with trained people used to dealing with kids at their most chaotic. 

The Fire Museum

Manchester’s fire museum contains some real gems – including leather bags used to put out fires during early colonial days. Plenty of kids have a fascination with firefighting equipment and firefighters. Indulge in this obsession by taking your kids to one of Manchester’s best attractions. Early American fire equipment also happens to be fascinating for many adults interested in the history of New England. 

Case Mountain

The Case Mountain Recreational Area spans nearly 700 acres of beautiful forested land. This park is perfect for kids because it has well-marked trails, plenty of exciting creeks and amazing forest flora and fauna. While not entirely suitable for children that cannot walk independently, any child over the age of 10 will have a whale of a time navigating the forested and winding trails this park has to offer. Gradients can be relatively steep, so make sure to bring some proper outdoor shoes! 

Introduce your kids to the true beauty that Northeastern USA has to offer – right on your back doorstep. 

Wickham Park Aviary 

Wickham Park is one of the most prominent outdoor spaces within the Manchester town limits. As well as being a great place for picnics and strolls, it also contains an extremely well-stocked aviary. The aviary contains a large selection of birds – almost all of which have been rescued due to having some kind of injury. This is a perfect place for kids to learn about nature in a relaxed atmosphere. Although the aviary is only sparsely staffed, those staff that do work there will be more than happy to help your children learn about the animals that live there. 

Manchester is a great place for keeping kids busy, as you can see. 

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