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Things to expect from Dubai PRO Services

  • June 1, 2022
  • 6 min read
Things to expect from Dubai PRO Services

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and its booming economy has attracted a lot of companies from all over the world that are looking for a place to live, work or invest. The city offers a variety of opportunities to individuals who wish to make money through their own businesses and there is no doubt that if you have a good reputation then it will be easier for you to land efficient employees. However, it will be impossible for you to deal with all the formalities. Therefore, you must hire pro services in Dubai. 

 Handles legal aspects (contracts, leases etc) of the client’s company: The Dubai Pro Service representative should provide professional advice to clients in relation to all areas of commercial law which may affect their businesses through the provision of a comprehensive set of legal and business advisory services including drafting correspondence, contracts, agreements, lease renewals and amendments, licenses, registrations and more

  1. Document clearance or submission process: This involves providing expert guidance over the entire document preparation process from receipt of a request for documents to final dispatch. Advice is provided in relation to:
  •  How to prepare clearances/submissions,
  •  how many documents need to be produced depending on whether they are required by the UAE Authorities or International Organisations; 
  •  What documents need to be submitted in electronic format (word/pdf versions);
  • Which documents need to be scanned into digital form, 
  • what equipment needs to be used,
  •  where the data can be stored and when it must be processed in order to meet deadlines such as those relating to visas, trade licenses, property registration and employment permits;

Visa assistance: In addition to advising companies about necessary documentation, the Dubai Pro Companies representative will then assist you with obtaining an appropriate visa if applicable. This includes preparing applications, collecting supporting documentation and submitting them to relevant authorities. All application fees are paid directly to the respective government bodies, although they retain a small fee based on the number of applicants that have been successfully approved. A typical application procedure takes approximately one month from the time the application has been received at the embassy or consulate. An additional charge applies if an applicant requires urgent approval of his / her visa within one week of applying for a visa.

Trade licence renewal: The representative assists you in ensuring proper compliance with any applicable rules and regulations governing the operation of your company’s trade licence, e.g. registration of vehicles, storage facilities, sales outlets etc. They ensure the timely renewal of your trade license.

 Property registration: The representative helps you register properties so that they can continue to operate legally without undue interference from third parties. He also ensures that land titles are kept up-to-date and that important event affecting the title, such as marriage or death, are duly recorded.

Employment permit assistance– The representative advises you on the procedures needed to apply for an employee’s work permit and assists in completing the forms. Once these are submitted, the Ministry of Human Resources issues the permit and the representative arranges pick-up and delivery of the permit.

Visa extension service: If you wish to extend your stay in the UAE beyond the initial period allowed, the representative provides advice regarding the steps involved in getting a new entry visa issued for longer than six months.

Travel documents assistance: When you book travel arrangements for you and your staff, you will be given several options when choosing a company to handle this task. It is advised for you to choose a reputable company that offers the best quality service at affordable prices.

 Bank accounts Opening: Dubai Pro Services representatives open bank accounts for clients subject to conditions being met. The same is done for other financial institutions including Islamic banks, exchange platforms and money exchangers. The services offered cover all aspects of opening and maintaining a foreign currency account.

 Investment planning: The representative will make sure that you get the most out of your investment by taking complete care of it with the utmost attention to detail. They will be familiar with all aspects of securities trading and they will help clients plan their strategies accordingly.

Passport Assistance: Dubai Pro Services also offer the following passport services:

• Helping you find suitable passports

• Providing information on how to fill out passport forms correctly

• Filling out forms for lost or stolen passports

• Help you renew old passports, with or without visas

• Helping you obtain replacements for lost documents

• Make copies of passports

• Change name or nationality/nationality change

• Provide certified copies of passports

 Translation & interpretation: Dubai Pro Services provide translation and interpreting services based on your preference. There are many languages spoken in the region and we are specialists in communicating with local residents in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. We also specialise in business meetings where the main language is not one of our four majors but still requires the ability to communicate effectively.

 Visa extension application form submission: If you need to extend your stay in UAE beyond 6 months, the epresentatives will help you submit the visa extension application form with appropriate documents as per instructions.

 Invitation Letter: A copy of the invitation letter from your employer along with passport details should be sent to the company so that they can issue visas upon arrival Re-entry permits: Reentry permits are required for any foreigner who leaves the country without having obtained permission to reenter. These permits are available through the emirates of Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.  The experienced pro services staff can staff assist you with obtaining them.


With the Dubai Pro Service representing some of the most reputed organizations operating in the region, you could rest assured that you are dealing with experts who understand the intricacies of the ever-changing business environment and regulatory requirements, as well as the need to adapt accordingly in order to remain competitive. As part of their training program, they receive extensive updates on the latest changes and practices being implemented by various agencies in the UAE.

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