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Things to Know about Australian Pokies

  • June 4, 2022
  • 6 min read
Things to Know about Australian Pokies

There is some strange connection between people and the uncertainty factor in everything they do. They hesitate but are also curious to know what awaits them in the future, what will happen next, and whether that wheel of fortune will finally turn to their side. That’s precisely why gambling is a popular and widespread activity worldwide.

Gambling triggers certain excitement and positive emotions but also risks. This risk boosts adrenaline because it is our nature to take a chance that brings us excitement and potential benefits (in this case, financial). Even if it doesn’t happen, we do it again because we hope it will happen. That’s all the fun about gambling.

The popularity of gambling in Australia doesn’t reflect its traditional values or tradition. Instead, it’s a product of a culture that values gambling and promotes it vigorously. That’s how pokies become legal and popular among residents and tourists in this country. As seen on Pokiesaustralian, this term is unique to Australia; the rest of the world refers to these machines as slot machines. 

History of Australian Pokies

In 1953, Len Ainsworth founded Aristocrat Leisure Limited, a company responsible for the first pokies in Australian gaming venues. The interesting fact is that poker machines weren’t the primary occupation of this company. Instead, Ainsworth made it a side-line job to increase revenues for his dental equipment manufacturing business.

By the mid-1980s, it occupied approximately 80% of the market in New South Wales. Its monopoly led to the government accusing the Aristocrat company of illegal monopoly, although the charges were eventually dropped. 

The first pokies were simple mechanical devices with simple sounds. Australia first introduced them in bars and hotels. Casinos come later. Later on, these slots were upgraded to feature lights and automated sounds. Today, they use modern digital technologies.

Video pokies changed the betting experience for many Australians. Online technology allowed casinos to deliver the games directly to the players. The high-quality graphics and processing power of smartphones have made this possible. You can even play pokies for free or for real money.

How Pokies Work

A pokie is a gambling machine with reels and pay lines that resemble actual objects. Typically, these machines will have five reels and multiple pay lines offering thousands of symbol combinations. And they are programmed to randomly determine which symbols will be displayed after every button press (or mouse click). 

Some symbol combinations bring you a prize. These are usually credits that can be exchanged for real money or used to continue playing. Yet, you should remember that you can’t predict when you will win. Sure, there’s a luck factor, but there’s also something called the random number generator (or RNG). 

This algorithm generates random numbers using the internal math of the game itself every time you press the button. Each spin is a particular number combo. Those are symbols displayed on pokies. But these are not entirely random, which would mean that there are no pokie symbol sequences that could not be predicted at any time. Of course, you could try breaking into them, but you know it’s a Syshypus job.

How to Win

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You can’t just trust any conspiracy theories. Many regulatory bodies control the gambling industry today. The working principle of slots is the same offline and online. They continue to generate outcomes as long as you press a button. Results are not affected by luck, superstition, or whether someone won or lost before you. You can hope that RNG will be on your side.

You can find more detailed explanation of the slots’ working principle below:


Some machine manufacturers were dishonest back in the day, so they used different methods to cheat players. That’s not possible anymore, as the gambling industry in Australia has fought reforms for over a decade. All Australian states have varying regulations on them. 

There have been attempts to introduce cards with preset limits in pokie gambling. The request was denied, especially after a lobbying blitz. But it seems to be on the table again due to the rising gambling problem in Australia.

Pokie Themes

Various casino games have themes, and Australian pokies are no exception. These games have a wide range of designs and graphics to set the mood for winning. Domestic players usually enjoy sports and folklore, as they can identify with these motifs. Even some older models of mechanical slots featuring fruits, diamonds, and jungle symbols are still popular.  

Online casinos pay a lot of attention to the design of their games. They can do regular upgrades to their games, so you have all kinds of stuff there, from ancient Egypt and pyramids to celebrities and movie-inspired interfaces. This visual aesthetic is an integral part of the pokie gambling experience.

Why People Love Pokies

Online pokies have become extremely popular in Australia. Unlike traditional table games or live card games, slot machines are simple to play and have many advantages. These games can be played on most modern devices. Some online casinos offer free spins or progressive jackpot slots to entice new players. 

The Australians love to gamble – as reported by official statistics, 80 percent of the population has gambled at least once in a lifetime. And almost a fifth of them do that at least once a year. Most tourists also have pokie passion, so they often visit hotels, bars, or local casinos featuring these slots.

Australians are known to be incredibly adventurous and prone to risk in the name of winning. So they’ve been huge fans of pokies ever since three-reel slot machines known as One-Arm Bandits. As this gamble is now fully legalized, all adults can play slots online and offline with no fear. On this page, find out how to choose safe online casino for gambling.

Gambling is not taboo in Australia, but it’s still a hidden passion of many. The popularity of casino games in Australia increased when they got their online forms. Thanks to the improved Internet technology and smart devices, Aussies now have better access to their favorite games. So people can enjoy playing pokies anytime, anywhere.

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