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Top 10 best global universities to Study abroad

  • September 9, 2021
  • 6 min read
Top 10 best global universities to Study abroad

Among the different types of interesting rankings that are periodically released, there is also that relating to the most popular universities in the world. There are several studies on the subject: in this article, they consider one of the most reliable that is the one written by the Times Higher Education magazine and related to the most famous universities in the world in 2015. The ranking has evaluated over 140 countries that have participated in the research.

As a student applying to the best international university, you will have to face this question quite often: why this University? This question is important because it is very likely that you are applying for an education loan. This is where university rankings and your research help you navigate effortlessly. What’s more, meeting your academic aspirations at a prestigious university will accelerate your professional career.

University ranking is based on six factors: Academic Peer Review, Global Employer Review, Per Undergraduate Citation, International Student Ratio, International Undergraduate Ratio, and Undergraduate Student Ratio. You can find interesting information about the top 10 universities ranked in the various ranking organizations. Find out more about these legendary universities to make informed choices.

The Classification Method

All ranking is based on collecting purely subjective data, which comes from credible people such as senior faculties and renowned academics.

The related classification is based on a score ranging from 0 to 100, the average of scores for teaching, and the score for search.

1 – Harvard University, USA

Harvard University is in the USA for the first place, which belongs to Harvard University, the oldest in the United States of America-located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard is also home to the largest scholar library in the world, with 400 million manuscripts. If you can score 100.0 out of 100, you can get an admission chance to this University.

2 – University of Cambridge, UK

 Cambridge University hosts over 18,000 students from all over the world, even from 120 different countries.

Cambridge University was established in 1209 by a group of scholars who left Oxford University due to political conflict and is now ranked 7th in the world.

Oxford and Cambridge share many common traditions that maintain a healthy sense of competition and culminate in the famous annual boat race event. There are approximately 23,247 students in Cambridge, of which 5,340 come from countries other than the EU. To get in it, you need to score 84.3 out of 100.

3 – University of Oxford, UK

University of Oxford you move to the UK to talk about the University of Oxford: It is a very popular and oldest University in the UK and the English-speaking world.

The foundation date is not known with certainty, but the first traces of teaching date back to 1096. It is located in the medieval center of Oxford.

Oxford University has long been revered for its list of graduates, including 28 British Prime Ministers, 20 Archbishops, 12 saints, 27 Nobel laureates, 50 Nobel laureates, and Sir Stephen Hawking. To get into the University, you need to score 80.4 out of 100.

The exact date of establishment of the University remains somewhat ambiguous.

Currently ranked fifth in the world, Oxford University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities globally, serving a student community of nearly 24,300 and operating the world’s largest university press.

4 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Massachusetts Institute of technology, a private university located in Cambridge. The Institute boasts as many as 85 Nobel laureates and other award winners, especially science and technology. To get in it, you need to score 77.8 out of 100.

MIT naturally holds the top spot in the QS rankings. An ideal university for majoring in engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, or science. The Institute promotes a healthy learning experience through hands-on approaches and research-based research. It urges you to profit with energetic understudy associations, games, diversion, and best in the class framework.

5 – Stanford University, USA

Stanford University in the USA is again in the top ten. This time you are in the Palo Alto area: as many as 21 Nobel laureates have come out of here, and many graduates have founded or taken part in companies such as Yahoo, Nike, Instagram, Snapchat, PayPal, and Netflix. You need to score 72.1 out of 100 to get into this University.

With 8,180 acres, Stanford University is renowned for its research and innovation, technology and invention, and its vast network of libraries. In this University, there is a well-known hotspot for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral programs. It is mainstream in seven schools: Business Administration, Environmental Sciences, Education, Engineering, Humanities, and Law and Medicine.

6 – University of California, Berkeley, USA

The University of California is located in the San Francisco Bay area. This University currently has around 10,000 doctoral students over and 27,000 undergraduates. As many as 19 Berkeley students have won Nobel Prizes, especially in chemistry, physics, and economics. To get in it, you need to score 60.0 out of 100.

7 – Princeton University, USA

This University was established in 1746 as the College of New Jersey. In 1896, the University took its recent name in honor of its housed area. The no. of students is quite modest, around 10,000; about 12% of the students come from other countries. You need to score 35.0 to get into this University.

8 – Yale University, USA

Yale University is a Private Research University, the third oldest Institute in all of the USA. It was the first University to award, in 1861, the title of Doctorate in America. The academic courses cover several disciplines: from humanities and arts and social sciences and foreign languages. You need to score 33.1 out of 100 to get admission.

9 – California Institute of Technology, USA

California Institute of Technology University is a Very renowned Institute in science, engineering, and research. Physicists, biologists, scientists, chemists, engineers: many personalities who received the education that made them famous right here. You need to score 24.1 out of 100 to get into this University.

10 – Columbia University, USA Columbia University Founded as a royal college, Columbia University is the oldest University in New York State and one of the longest-lived in all of the United States of America. He had over 80 students who later became famous in various fields. You need to score 21.0 out of 100 to get in.

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