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Top 10 Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs

  • May 11, 2022
  • 5 min read
Top 10 Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs

Would you like to set your own working hours and be able to work from anywhere you want? If your answer is yes, then freelancing is for you. You can decide for yourself when to take a break and play at online casino Canada sites! But before you decide to go freelance, you also need to have an idea of what your options are. In this article, we list the ten top-paying freelance jobs.


Average Income: $19 – $45 per hour

Copywriters’ job is to write something that will grab the attention of readers: it could be an e-book, blog post, social media post, or web content. There is no limitation in this regard. As long as there is the internet, there will be a need for content, and you can supply this content. SEO knowledge is a plus because the content you need to write almost always has to comply with SEO rules. By 2030, copywriter jobs are expected to grow 9% in the United States alone.  

Web Designer

Average Income: $15 – $30 per hour

Your goal in this job is to create websites that meet customer demands. You may also be prompted to update an existing site. How much you earn depends on how expert you are. A good web designer should be proficient in languages such as Python, SQL, and JavaScript and be able to use all necessary software without any problems. This business line is expected to grow by 13% by 2030. If you have both technical knowledge and creativity, a web designer will be one of the most ideal jobs. 

Digital Marketing Consultant

Average Income: $15 – $45 per hour

The task of digital marketing consultants is to increase the online recognition of a particular brand or product. To that end, you need to have SEO knowledge first and foremost: you should be able to create an SEO strategy on your own. However, you also need to have expertise in areas such as content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. The salary you will earn depends on the size of the project you undertake and your expertise. 

Social Media Manager

Average Income: $14 – $35 per hour

A social media manager, predictably, manages the social media accounts of a particular brand or product. In this context, you should create new posts and respond to customers’ messages. You may need to manage both Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts of a brand at the same time. Having experience in content generation is an important plus. But the best part is that you can work with multiple brands at the same time. 


Average Income: $20 – $40 per hour

This job does not require you to write anything, but to moderate what is written. Simply, you need to review the written texts and correct them for spelling and fluency. Your goal is to create high-quality content. Although you often have to moderate web content, you may be asked to do the same for other markets too (for example, to edit a book). The income varies depending on your level of experience and the size of the project. 

Web Developer

Average Income: $15 – $30 per hour

This time, your goal is not to design a website, but to create its infrastructure. It’s your job to compile the codes that will determine the functions of a website. You need to be an expert in front-end or back-end development, but if you are an expert in both (full stack), you may charge more. Since you usually have to work in a team, you also need to have social skills. By 2030, a 13% increase in web developer jobs is expected. 

Media Buyer

Average Income: $50 – $200 per hour

This is a very interesting job because your responsibility is to determine where an ad will run. When companies come to you, you have to decide whether to run their ads on physical or online media. Whichever you choose, you have other decisions to make: if you chose the physical media, would magazines or newspapers be a better choice? This is a specialist job and for the same reason, a very high hourly income can be achieved. 


Average Income: $40 – $100 per hour

As a photographer, you have two options: you can sell the photos you take on stock sites or you can take photos that are suitable for customers’ orders. For example, you may be asked to photograph a nature scene for use on a company’s website. Pay will vary based on how famous you are and the size of the project. Photography is one of the businesses that will grow the most by 2030: 17% growth is expected. Selling photos Online is also a good freelancing job with good returns.

Data Analyst

Average Income: $20 – $50 per hour

There is no fixed definition of this job: your job is to analyze customer-supplied data as desired. These can be historical records or people’s spending habits – there is no limit to the type of data you need to analyze. Your clients will use your analytics to make consistent predictions for the future, and the better you are at this job, the more you can earn.

Business Consultant

Average Income: $28 – $98 per hour

There are many people who want to start a business but don’t know where to start and what to expect. You can advise them. This job may require you to prepare a detailed report on what it takes to start a business from scratch. You may also be asked to solve a business’s challenge on a particular topic. It is important to be an expert in different subjects such as human resources, finance, and marketing.

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