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Top 10 Run Getters For Australia In Test Cricket

  • November 2, 2022
  • 6 min read
Top 10 Run Getters For Australia In Test Cricket

The Australian Cricket Team is one of the most successful teams in sports history. This team has won more than 350 Test matches out of a total of more than 400. It has led to the rise of some great people whose achievements and work have helped to make the sport better. Once they have control of the game, they will play it without mercy, making it impossible for the other team to win and one can see this by cricket highlights. Today, we’re going to look at the Australian cricketers who have scored the most runs in the history of Test matches.

  • Ricky Ponting- 13378 runs

Due to the fact that Ricky Ponting uses his right hand while batting, he was placed at the top of Australia’s batting order.

He was a fantastic batsman, and he also holds the record for being the second-most successful skipper in the history of test cricket. Only Graeme Smith has a greater number of victories as a captain than he did. As a result of his exceptional skill against bowlers, he amassed 71 century across a variety of international competitions. The overwhelming majority of people are of the opinion that Ricky Ponting is one of the greatest players of all time.

  • Allan Robert Border- 11174 

People have a preconceived notion that Australians are known for their self-assurance, tenacity, and readiness to engage in physical conflict. Even though he had the latter two attributes, the border wasn’t a very aggressive player. However, he did demonstrate them to them. He provided the Australian cricket team with a blueprint for success, which paved the way for them to become the most successful team in the history of the sport. He batted third in the order and used his left hand to make contact with the ball. Border amassed a total of 11174 runs throughout the course of 156 test matches, for an average of 50.56 runs per match. Nobody one has participated in as many exhibition matches as he has. No one else even comes close. In 2009, he was inducted into the Queensland Sports Hall of Fame as a result of his accomplishments.

  • Steve Rodgers Waugh-10927 runs 

Waugh would hit the ball with his right hand and bat in the middle of the lineup. He planned to wear out the bowlers so that when they were tired, he could attack them. Steve was always able to keep his cool and keep his head held high, no matter what was going on around him. Even though his way of hitting wasn’t exactly the most beautiful, it worked pretty well. Steve’s aggressive way of hitting the ball showed that he was always up for a fight. He was also a great spin bowler, which is a type of bowling that is hard for cricket players who are not from Asia to do well. He is Australian with the second-most test hundreds ever, with 32.

  • Michael John Clarke-8643 runs 

At his first Test match, which was against India at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, prodigy batsman Michael Clarke, who has a lot of potentials, made a great start by scoring 151 runs. When Ricky Ponting and Michael Hussey decided to stop playing, he took over as captain. The club’s run of good luck had finally ended, and it was time to start over. 

  • Matthew Lawrence Hayden- 8625 

Matthew Hayden was one of the most feared batters because he batted left-handed and led off for his team. Bowlers were afraid of him because he was so big. He used to be such a good batsman that he could run down the field and hit even the fastest bowlers at the time. Hayden was the best at winning games, and when he was on, he would walk all over bowlers with an air of ease.

  • Mark Edward Waugh – 8029 runs 

Mark Waugh is the younger brother of Steve Waugh. Steve Waugh is the brother of Mark Waugh. He hit the ball with his right hand and could bowl an off-spinner if the situation called for it. Unlike his brother, Mark’s stroke play was elegant and carefree, and his beautiful touch at the plate was a sight to behold. Mark was fun to watch because of this. 

  • Steven Smith -8010 –

Many people think that Steven Smith is the best batsman who has ever played in a Test, but he started as a leg spinner. The cricket media took note of his method, which involved an exaggerated trigger movement and a shuffle around the stumps, and they predicted that it would be exposed when seaming was common. But the fact that he hit so many home runs every year showed that his critics were wrong. 

  • David Andrew Warner-7753 

Warner is the only player to make the Australian national cricket team since 1877 who had never played in a first-class tournament before. He is a swashbuckling, destructive top-order batsman who bats left-handed and can change the game by himself. Warner has scored a total of 7753 runs throughout 94* games. 

  • Justin Lee Langer – 7696

Left-handed Both right-handed batters, Justin Langer and Matthew Hayden, gave the other team’s bowlers a difficult time when they had the opportunity to bat first. The opening partnership for Australia scored an average of 51 runs over the course of more than one hundred innings played together.

  • Mark Taylor amassed -7525 runs 

For the club, the first batter was left-handed hitter Mark Taylor, who had his first at-bat in a professional game the previous year. His performance in his debut Ashes series, in which he scored more than 800 runs, demonstrated that he was an essential component of the Australian squad. He was a formidable opener who could alter the tempo or swing of his game. He was a challenging adversary to face. In the match, he demonstrated his talent both against the spinners and overall. Mark’s greatest test score was a 334*, which he achieved while he was competing against Pakistan.

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