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Top 5 Benefits of a Dark Fiber Network

  • March 8, 2022
  • 3 min read
Top 5 Benefits of a Dark Fiber Network

When the telecoms put down fiber optic cable in the 1990s and 2000s, they ran way more cable than they needed. The biggest cost of laying fiber was burying the cable underground. They figured that cable would see use at some point.

Today, a lot of that fiber is unused. It’s called dark fiber and can be used in what’s known as a dark fiber network. It’s changed the way businesses use fiber internet.

What is dark fiber? What about dark fiber vs lit fiber? Read on to learn about the dark fiber network.

1. Control of Infrastructure

Dark fiber is fiber optic strands that are not used to send data. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will lease or sell access to these unlit strands of fiber cable to companies that need a lot of bandwidth. The downside to this is that you need to provide your own equipment to light the fiber and send data over it.

There are advantages to this. This means you can control things about your connection you couldn’t with a normal fiber. For example, you can control how fast your network is.

2. Higher Level of Security

Complete control over your infrastructure lets you have a more secure network. Dark fiber is physically a private network, which means it is separate from the internet. People won’t be able to see your data unless they are physically connected to your network.

This kind of network is ideal for companies that deal with sensitive information. Confidential information will be as safe as possible. Being able to lock down your network this way is as secure as you get.

3. High Capacity Network

Most ISPs start to charge premium prices after you reach 1 Gbps. Most dark fiber prices equal that of a 1 Gbps connection. This is good since if you need more capacity, you add the equipment to your infrastructure to get it. Most fiber internet connections can send 15 terabits fast.

With the right equipment, a dark fiber internet can be faster. This means a dark fiber network is future-proof against the need for more bandwidth. A business with a dark fiber internet has a large advantage over companies that don’t.

4. Performance Improvement

Unlike all other forms of data transfer, fiber optic cables send data at the speed of light. You can transfer a lot of data over both lit-and dark fiber networks. This is great for companies that use a lot of video communications or real-time data.

This means other data, like cloud backups, are much closer at hand than over a traditional network. The connections will be low-latency. The clarity of communications is a must for any business.

5. Lower Costs

A lot of the cost of fiber is in civil engineering and buying the equipment used to manage it. If you don’t need to lay the fiber, then the cost is in the infrastructure. This company can help you get your network started.

Get a Dark Fiber Network Today

Dark fiber internet is a nitro boost to a company’s network communications. Low latency is the high-speed data transfer that allows for near-instantaneous communications. Check into a dark fiber network today.

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